Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Following Photographs Brought
To You By An Almost-Five Year Old

His Mommy's Arm (comfy like pillow)

His daddy and his fajitas.

His Cutie Sister

She likes being the subject of his photographs.

And then becomes inexplicably exhausted.

His Daddy and His Sister.

His Feets. (We call them feets)

Just chillaxin'

Lucia decided to try her hand at this photography thing.

1 comment:

Bryna said...

I have thought about getting myself a new camera and giving Nola my old one. We got her a kiddie camera for Christmas or Easter and it just sucks. It's a Crayola Camera and takes the WORST pictures. If you think Gideon's are bad with a real camera, you should let him try the Crayola on for size!!

Anyway, someday that will happen... We don't have the $$ to do that right now.

What ever happened to the cheapo 110 film cameras that WE had as kids! Those were TOTALLY economical!