Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Following Photographs Brought
To You By An Almost-Five Year Old

His Mommy's Arm (comfy like pillow)

His daddy and his fajitas.

His Cutie Sister

She likes being the subject of his photographs.

And then becomes inexplicably exhausted.

His Daddy and His Sister.

His Feets. (We call them feets)

Just chillaxin'

Lucia decided to try her hand at this photography thing.
Gideon's First Performance (and maybe last)

This post is super old, since I meant to post it in June. Some of Gideon's classmates graduated from Preschool in June, and Gideon had been non-stop practicing for his "debut". The song of choice was 'God Bless America'. We heard it in the morning, and in the noontime, and during bathtime. He sang it in his sleep, and even Lucia memorized it.

Of course, on the big day, Gideon woke up not feeling so hot. He had a fever the day before, and was kind of feeling out of sorts (to put it mildly). He refused to sing, and would only sit in a blue chair. Of course, the blue chairs were only for the graduates, so he couldn't. He ended up sitting with his embarrassed parents.

I was able to only snap a couple of shots, and took a very shaky video. You may want to take an anti-nausea pill before viewing, in case you get sea-sick. (Or video-sick)