Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A Fun "Spring" Day

So far, "Spring" has been kind of a gyp. From slightly warmer temperatures, to then...oh yes...snow. Outside days have been few and far between. However, with two small children in the house, we have to get outside when we can. Last weekend was one of those days.

Last year, Gideon's school was giving out free playground equipment. They had been able to buy new toys and houses and things, and needed to get rid of the old stuff. Well, we were happy to take something for the backyard.

Our "new" double slide!

You can climb in from the back.

Or from underneath.

With two slides, there isn't alot of fighting.

In fact, it has brought them closer together.

Especially when Gideon shows her his cool moves.

Lucia especially likes her secret hiding spot.

Although, she will peek out and say hello.

Oh, and yes. We have termites. Lovely.

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