Sunday, February 20, 2011

Home Sick...and a late Valentine's Day craft

Everyone knows that I work. Full-time out of the house. On Mondays and Tuesdays, Gideon and Lucia are at my moms until at least 9:30pm. By the time we get home and into bed, it is after 10pm. And on the other week days, they usually get picked up by 6pm, and then we have to get dinner made, and baths and stories, and so there isn't a whole lot of time to sit and do a craft. Any time when I am home with them for a full day, is a great day.

Last week, both of them got sick. We actually have been quite blessed with zero sickness. This is the first time they have been sick since last summer! And for those of you that know our track record with illness, that is quite a feat! My mother credits the cod liver oil she has been spooning into their mouths. (I know, gross. But it's orange-flavored, and they actually like it!) But this time, Gideon got sick with a cold, and by Wednesday night, Lucia had a fever.

For two days straight, Lucia was very sick. But, by Saturday, she was feeling better. And on Sunday, I got sick. Am still sick, as I type. However, I was determined that we would actually sit together and get a craft done. I had been holding on to this heart box, and had meant to have it ready for Valentine's Day. However, V-day came and went, and we never started it. I took some TheraFlu, and decided to make sure we had a fun day. "Let's do a craft!", I said, "Let's paint!"

We set paper towels out, and Lucia picked her paint colors. Gideon, was sort of helping.

They were all girly colors. Pinks, red, and purple.

These were on hand.

She was a good painter. Very detail-oriented.

She loved that the paint brush was purple. "It's my favorite color!"

Did I mention there was purple glitter glue?

"I can do it myself! No helping me!"

"I did it!"

More glitter glue!

"It's so beautiful, Mommy."

Gideon decides to join in the fun.

He decided red was the most masculine color he could pick.

Lucia needed to fix his mistakes. "He left spaces, Mommy!"

I had to hold the heart up so she could do the sides.

Oh, did I mention there were jewels? There were. This is the top of the heart.
This is the profile shot.

And where was my darling husband during all this extreme fun? Upstairs, working. But, he decided to make sure to play with them, while I was dying on the couch.
They are playing with Lucia's dollhouse furniture.

See the pink box? That is the box the craft came in, but Alex thought it would make a great TV entertainment unit.

Did you guys have a fun day? Their faces speak for themselves :)

Pictures that Gideon Took

I don't tend to let the kids play with our camera. But, every once in a while, under our supervision, we let him take pictures.

Here are a few examples:
His Favorite Girls

His Feet!

Lucia in Motion

This one isn't terrible.

We are obviously giants in this picture.

Hi Daddy.
Groovin' at the Breakfast Table

Gideon loves playing on my laptop. And Lucia loves watching him. Here is a little clip of their time together.