Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Best Day (part two)

So, I mentioned in the last post about something life-changing that took place last night. The thing is, for some of you, it might sound silly. But, if you are parents, you just might get it. You see, Alex and I have found...a babysitter! The lack of a babysitter has really taken it's toll. We needed a night out pretty badly. And I was getting so tired of begging my sister to watch them, or feeling guilty of asking my mother, since she has them for most of the day. How could I say, "Um mom, I know you have watched the kids for 8 hours, but do you mind watching them another 3 hours, so Alex and I can go watch a movie?" I couldn't.

So, ever since we moved to the house, I had this fantasy of the perfect teenage girl living across the street. And she would come over, and have tons of babysitting experience, and be super cheap, and love my kids. Well, there actually is a teenage girl across the street, but she has never come over with her Babysitter's Club inspired tote bag. Sigh. But, but! We have a new youth pastor at our church, and they have 4 kids. And out of those four kids, there is a teenage girl. And she is the oldest child, which means she has changed a diaper or two. And the minute I heard about her, I felt a sense of rightness about her. Like I knew.

So, I stalked her on Facebook for a while. And then I talked to her in person. And guess what? She was very excited about the notion of hanging out with my kids. And we texted back and forth. And set a date. I showed the kids her picture on Facebook, to remind them of who she was. And we talked about how she was coming over to play with them. And THEY were excited. And Alex was excited.

So, she came over. Her parents dropped her off. And we walked around with the kids trailing behind us. They were shy at first, but eventually warmed up, and started showing her their toys. We hung around for about 30 minutes, and then felt like we could go. And because we live in such a cool town now, we walked to the restaurant. It was a beautiful night, and I felt so great about this whole new stage we were in.

I have been wanting to go to this crepe restaurant for a while now, but was concerned that Alex wouldn't like it. But he told me he was game, so we gave it a try. It's called Creme de la Crepes. It's on River Rd. in Fair Lawn. I was under the impression that it was kind of a gimmicky restaurant- because of the crepes. But actually, it's like a small French bistro. The owner is French. And our waiter was French. Very Frenchy.

The walls are red, with Eiffel Tower decor. See? Bisto-y.

This flower was on our table. It was pretty.

Perusing the menu. I take this part seriously.

There was actually alot for Alex to choose from. He was debating between being safe, or being adventuresome.

Can we decide on the dessert crepes first?

We ordered the Creme Champetre as an appetizer. A crepe with brie, homemade pesto and tomatoes. Nice and light.
This is my entree. The Croque de Mer. Scallops and mushrooms in a garlic bechamel sauce.

This was Alex's. The Stroganoff. Sliced sirloin, sauteed with Roma tomatoes in a wine sauce. All in a crepe.
Definitely dessert was the best part. I would go just for dessert. This was the Bananas et Cream Glacee. Without the cream glacee (ice cream). Bananas, caramel sauce, and almonds. With fresh whipped cream. Loooved it.

I had a cappuccino. So good. I don't know if everything was truly as delicious as it was, or if I was so enamored with being out, but everything was fantastic.
Fancy sugar packets!

Adorable tiny salt and pepper shakers!

We walked back home, totally happy, and anxious to see how the kids did. I don't know if they had even realized we had left. They had so much fun, and apparently babysitter-girl did too. She told me that Gideon told her that he loved her. I asked them both if they would like her to come again, and they said YES! Alex took care of getting them into bed, and I drove the nicest girl in the world home. Notice I have not mentioned her name, mostly because I am trying to protect her privacy. But, also I don't want anyone to steal her.

So, thank you thank you thank you! You know who you are. We will definitely do this again. I feel like it's a step in the right direction. A step toward more crepes.
Sesame Street Live! Live!

A short video of me interrogating my children, and forcing them to say that they are having a good time. Also, proof of Lucia shoving popcorn in her mouth, for those of you waiting to report me to child services.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Best Day (Part One)
It has been awhile since we posted, and alot of that has to do with the moving in to the house, and getting settled part. Also, we "lost" our camera for a few weeks, and "found" it under one of the seats of the van.

So, today was Saturday. Yesterday, I went to the dentist and did not die. Hooray. But, then I came home and my Gideon was sick. AGAIN. He had a fever, and cold symptoms. And he was clingy and sad. So, I didn't go back to work, and I thought, "Well, there goes the weekend." But today, he woke up feeling better. And ready to go to a birthday party. A birthday party with a bouncy house.

He had a ridiculous amount of fun.It was an outdoor family/friends party. The backyard was decked out with kid's stuff.

One thing I noticed about my son. He likes the ladies. I told him to play it cool. So, there he is, pretending that he is not having the time of his life on that tire swing.

We cut the birthday party short, much to Gideon's disappointment. But for a very fun reason. Sesame Street Live! We won free tickets, thanks to NJ Library Champions We entered a contest and actually won! It was very exciting.

The seats were pretty far away, but they were free after all.
But we still could see the characters.
Lucia was kind of amazed. She sat enthralled for at least an hour of it.
Gideon was amazed at how much popcorn he was able to shove in his mouth at the same time.
We tried to take some pictures of us with the kids. Here is Gideon and Daddy, happily posing for the camera.
Here is Mommy and the kids. Notice Lucia's extremely forced smile. It actually was just supposed to be a Lucia and Mommy picture. Gideon snuck in at the last moment.

Here is a silly Gideon moment.

Back to the popcorn. For those of you that are judging me for letting my child eat a choking hazard, let me tell you that you are right! Because I was allowing Lucia, when suddenly she started making a sound in her throat. She gagged and spit out pieces of a kernel. Lordy. Elmo probably heard her. And is judging me too. No more popcorn for Lucia! Daddy went and got her a soft pretzel.

Here she is. No worse for the experience. Doesn't she look older already?

Later that night, the most exciting thing happened. But I am very tired right now, so I will post about it tomorrow. Just know that it was life-changing for Alex and myself. Stay tuned.