Saturday, July 17, 2010

Taking a Bow.

Lucia and Gideon have become accustomed to performing in front of the camera. It comes natural to them I guess. They also like to dance, and I think they have pretty good rhythm for their age. Notice how Lucia takes a bow at the end of their "performance." She's a natural!

As parents, Alexa and I often talk about our kids' futures.

Gideon is awesome with words, and enjoys putting letters together to build words. He's also a good singer, funny, and as the video above shows, a great dancer.

We've discovered that Lucia has a love for shoes, and she does well in selecting the right ones for her mom and aunt when they're picking out their outfits. Really, she does. Just last night before dinner, her Tia Andi asked her what she felt about the shoes she was wearing. Lucia did not approve of her aunt's black shoes, and selected a metallic silver style. The choice was clear, Lucia was right, and Tia Andi changed her shoes.

A bit later, after about an hour of sporting her new lavender Crocs and looking at her feet while walking in them, Lucia decided to change her shoes to better match the torquise dress Mommy selected for her. She was right again, the lavender clashed too much with the torquise, and she wore her pink ones which had little shiny things on them.

Is Lucia destined to be a famous shoe designer?

Will my kids' love for the camera translate into eventual fame on TV, or the big screen?

Don't know. I do know that I think that both my kids are natural performers and love the camera. And, I'm pretty sure the camera loves them.

I've actually done quite a bit of research and thought about calling an agent to see what needed to be done to see if my kids got "It." But, just the other day Alexa provided "Words of Wisdom" out of the blue. It was deep, and I was surprised because in the ten years I've known Alexa, as girlfriend, then fiancee, then wife; she has never shown an interest in philosophy. But there she was, providing a philosophy that made me think. Pensively, she asked, "When has fame and fortune ever improved someone, from the inside, spiritually?"

Straightforward question, but "wow," I said in my head. Because if you think about it, the answer is, hardly ever. When people you know become famous, all of a sudden they disappear. They are ever present on the screen, but just not around anywhere near you. And, then phone numbers change, and you are uninformed about it.

There are the few that have actually used their fame to contribute to society, but I think the story with fame is that it usually separates; the famous from the common. Fame and fortune causes people to wall themselves up against those who are not famous. And, the riches associated with the fame is something you need to worry about.

To lose the sense of peace with the world and fellowship with the common person - not sure if it's worth all the fame and fortune. I wonder what you think?


Rosemary Marotta said...

that was so great! I love that song!

SHOPGIRL said...

They have "art" genes from both sides of the family. One aunt sings and plays the guitar. The other one loves acting and directing and all kinds of performance herself (that'd be me). I was encouraged to dance in front of our cousins (Duito, Angel and Nancy) and be in all the plays and recitals in school. As far as the words, Alexa can be funny and dramatic and is an excellent speaker and you, Alex, are an amazing writer. Joel and Steph are excellent musicians and Papi can rock out a "corito" or two in church. You can say it runs in the family. I LOVE LUCIA's bow.