Saturday, July 10, 2010

Playing Catch-Up

Today Alex informed me that the Soto Update can lose it's status on Google. Meaning, that when you type in "Soto Update", it might not be the first thing that pops up. The horrors! That was his subtle way of informing me to get off my tuckus and post something already.

Ok, so this will be a little of a wrap-up of the latest happenings. The following pictures are from Mother's Day. I know, that's like sooo 2 months ago.

We went out for Japanese. This is Lucia doing some kind of intricate arm flapping maneuver. She is practicing to be a ninja.

Gideon with Daddy. It is very hard for him to actually look at a camera directly. He is practicing for when he is famous, and he has to act all indifferent to the paparazzi.

Lucia with Ya-Ya. They are pretty much in love all the time.
This a family shot that the waiter took of us. It is, for us, an excellent picture. No one is blinking or sneezing. We all look pretty happy, and the kids are looking at the camera.

Lucia had the brilliant idea of wearing matching outfits.

We tried to get a nice picture of Mommy and the kids.

Not successful.
She is checking out my shoes. She loves shoes, and usually picks mine out for me.

I thought I would take a sweet picture of my parents walking arm in arm. Instead, I got a picture of my father lifting the back of his jacket to show me his butt. He is so classy, my father the ELDER.

Alex and Gideon had run up ahead to scare us.

And Lucia is really surprised!
Will post again very soon! Have lots more pictures to make fun of :)

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Anonymous said...

que hermosas fotos que linda estas ALEXITA, y los niƱos ni se diga estan tan bellos y grandes que DIOS LOS BENDIGA SIEMPRE LOS AMO TIA LETY (C.R.)