Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Here's the Play-by-Play.

Boy meets Lucia. Boy tries to say hi to Lucia. Lucia walks away. Boy follows Lucia closely. Lucia starts running. They pause, then Lucia proceeds to run full speed. Surprised at her acceleration, Boy focuses in on catching Lucia, so much so that he bumps into a group of boys, falling down. Lucia has him beat; the Boy is nowhere to be seen. But he returns with a vengeance, and Lucia takes it easy, walking towards daddy, whose recording. Boy is persistent and gets her to smile and she runs away again. Boy's parents indicate that he should stop chasing Lucia. He does and runs off onto the sunset. Lucia can now get back to seeing the band play.

Cut to next scene.

Lucia is showing off her moves, and catches a glimpse of older girls, who are talented dancers themselves. She studies, then joins in. Then she walks away, but returns to check out what the girls were doing. She sees that their interest in her has faded, so Lucia makes her famous dance move, winning the dance off. Lucia walks off to the left towards Mommy, celebrating her victory. The camera focuses in on Gideon.

He notices the camerman, Daddy, and waves. He then begins to dance the hop-along-Gideon. Showing off his fancy moves again. The play ends with a flurry of activity, whereby Gideon and Lucia join in on the chaos.


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Bryna said...

This is the opposite of daughter - she is the chaser. She like to be the awkward kid who runs after others and then gets WAY too close to smile at the other kid.

So, how do I change her into the chasee? I don't think it will happen. HA!