Monday, July 12, 2010

A Day by the River

What river? I have no idea. It was Memorial Day weekend, and we had promised the kids that we would go to Bear Mountain! Bear Mountain! Gideon was very excited. I am pretty sure he thought that we were going to see bears everywhere. However, we weren't that smart about it, since we didn't leave until late morning, and by that time, Bear Mountain was closed. There were people everywhere; parked on the side of the road, pulling coolers and carrying babies. We were disappointed, but Alex was determined to find a playground or something fun for the kids.

We drove for awhile, Gideon and Lucia asleep in the back. Driving in upstate NY is pretty; winding roads and lovely vistas. Suddenly, we saw a giant sign advertising a PUERTO RICAN DAY PARADE! Alex took it as a sign from God, and we pulled into that town's main street. We followed the road until it took us to the banks of a river, and thank God, a playground. The children woke up and Gideon asked, "Are we at Bear Mountain?". "No," we replied, "we are at a river! with a playground!" Gideon was satisfied.

Water! We must touch it!

Gideon found a plethera of sticks.

Some of the sticks looked EVIL.

Lucia was unsure about dirt touching her sandals.

Throwing rocks with Daddy!

Umm...why is the sun touching me? Why am I warm? Why am I slightly sweating? Can you make it stop?

A breeze. God hears Lucia. Do you think either of them inherited my nose?


Alex Soto said...

Puerto Rican Day Parade is a sign from God! Any rican know that.

Bryna said...

What town were you in for the Puerto Rican Day Parade? Were you up in Rockland County? I would guess and say Haverstraw, but just wondering.

Alex Soto said...

Yep, I think it was Haverstraw.