Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Here's the Play-by-Play.

Boy meets Lucia. Boy tries to say hi to Lucia. Lucia walks away. Boy follows Lucia closely. Lucia starts running. They pause, then Lucia proceeds to run full speed. Surprised at her acceleration, Boy focuses in on catching Lucia, so much so that he bumps into a group of boys, falling down. Lucia has him beat; the Boy is nowhere to be seen. But he returns with a vengeance, and Lucia takes it easy, walking towards daddy, whose recording. Boy is persistent and gets her to smile and she runs away again. Boy's parents indicate that he should stop chasing Lucia. He does and runs off onto the sunset. Lucia can now get back to seeing the band play.

Cut to next scene.

Lucia is showing off her moves, and catches a glimpse of older girls, who are talented dancers themselves. She studies, then joins in. Then she walks away, but returns to check out what the girls were doing. She sees that their interest in her has faded, so Lucia makes her famous dance move, winning the dance off. Lucia walks off to the left towards Mommy, celebrating her victory. The camera focuses in on Gideon.

He notices the camerman, Daddy, and waves. He then begins to dance the hop-along-Gideon. Showing off his fancy moves again. The play ends with a flurry of activity, whereby Gideon and Lucia join in on the chaos.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Taking a Bow.

Lucia and Gideon have become accustomed to performing in front of the camera. It comes natural to them I guess. They also like to dance, and I think they have pretty good rhythm for their age. Notice how Lucia takes a bow at the end of their "performance." She's a natural!

As parents, Alexa and I often talk about our kids' futures.

Gideon is awesome with words, and enjoys putting letters together to build words. He's also a good singer, funny, and as the video above shows, a great dancer.

We've discovered that Lucia has a love for shoes, and she does well in selecting the right ones for her mom and aunt when they're picking out their outfits. Really, she does. Just last night before dinner, her Tia Andi asked her what she felt about the shoes she was wearing. Lucia did not approve of her aunt's black shoes, and selected a metallic silver style. The choice was clear, Lucia was right, and Tia Andi changed her shoes.

A bit later, after about an hour of sporting her new lavender Crocs and looking at her feet while walking in them, Lucia decided to change her shoes to better match the torquise dress Mommy selected for her. She was right again, the lavender clashed too much with the torquise, and she wore her pink ones which had little shiny things on them.

Is Lucia destined to be a famous shoe designer?

Will my kids' love for the camera translate into eventual fame on TV, or the big screen?

Don't know. I do know that I think that both my kids are natural performers and love the camera. And, I'm pretty sure the camera loves them.

I've actually done quite a bit of research and thought about calling an agent to see what needed to be done to see if my kids got "It." But, just the other day Alexa provided "Words of Wisdom" out of the blue. It was deep, and I was surprised because in the ten years I've known Alexa, as girlfriend, then fiancee, then wife; she has never shown an interest in philosophy. But there she was, providing a philosophy that made me think. Pensively, she asked, "When has fame and fortune ever improved someone, from the inside, spiritually?"

Straightforward question, but "wow," I said in my head. Because if you think about it, the answer is, hardly ever. When people you know become famous, all of a sudden they disappear. They are ever present on the screen, but just not around anywhere near you. And, then phone numbers change, and you are uninformed about it.

There are the few that have actually used their fame to contribute to society, but I think the story with fame is that it usually separates; the famous from the common. Fame and fortune causes people to wall themselves up against those who are not famous. And, the riches associated with the fame is something you need to worry about.

To lose the sense of peace with the world and fellowship with the common person - not sure if it's worth all the fame and fortune. I wonder what you think?

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Day by the River

What river? I have no idea. It was Memorial Day weekend, and we had promised the kids that we would go to Bear Mountain! Bear Mountain! Gideon was very excited. I am pretty sure he thought that we were going to see bears everywhere. However, we weren't that smart about it, since we didn't leave until late morning, and by that time, Bear Mountain was closed. There were people everywhere; parked on the side of the road, pulling coolers and carrying babies. We were disappointed, but Alex was determined to find a playground or something fun for the kids.

We drove for awhile, Gideon and Lucia asleep in the back. Driving in upstate NY is pretty; winding roads and lovely vistas. Suddenly, we saw a giant sign advertising a PUERTO RICAN DAY PARADE! Alex took it as a sign from God, and we pulled into that town's main street. We followed the road until it took us to the banks of a river, and thank God, a playground. The children woke up and Gideon asked, "Are we at Bear Mountain?". "No," we replied, "we are at a river! with a playground!" Gideon was satisfied.

Water! We must touch it!

Gideon found a plethera of sticks.

Some of the sticks looked EVIL.

Lucia was unsure about dirt touching her sandals.

Throwing rocks with Daddy!

Umm...why is the sun touching me? Why am I warm? Why am I slightly sweating? Can you make it stop?

A breeze. God hears Lucia. Do you think either of them inherited my nose?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Playing Catch-Up

Today Alex informed me that the Soto Update can lose it's status on Google. Meaning, that when you type in "Soto Update", it might not be the first thing that pops up. The horrors! That was his subtle way of informing me to get off my tuckus and post something already.

Ok, so this will be a little of a wrap-up of the latest happenings. The following pictures are from Mother's Day. I know, that's like sooo 2 months ago.

We went out for Japanese. This is Lucia doing some kind of intricate arm flapping maneuver. She is practicing to be a ninja.

Gideon with Daddy. It is very hard for him to actually look at a camera directly. He is practicing for when he is famous, and he has to act all indifferent to the paparazzi.

Lucia with Ya-Ya. They are pretty much in love all the time.
This a family shot that the waiter took of us. It is, for us, an excellent picture. No one is blinking or sneezing. We all look pretty happy, and the kids are looking at the camera.

Lucia had the brilliant idea of wearing matching outfits.

We tried to get a nice picture of Mommy and the kids.

Not successful.
She is checking out my shoes. She loves shoes, and usually picks mine out for me.

I thought I would take a sweet picture of my parents walking arm in arm. Instead, I got a picture of my father lifting the back of his jacket to show me his butt. He is so classy, my father the ELDER.

Alex and Gideon had run up ahead to scare us.

And Lucia is really surprised!
Will post again very soon! Have lots more pictures to make fun of :)