Friday, May 14, 2010

Getting Our Hair Done
I don't know how it is for you moms out there, but finding the time to get my haircut happens like once a year. Literally, I got an actual professional haircut at a salon last fall. And for those of you that see me on a daily basis, my hair totally reflects that.
However, the kids are a different story. You see, Gideon's nursery school had a picture day. Picture Day! And, as my dad likes to say, Gideon was looking a little bit like a hippie. Those hippies. So, off to the the salon we went. Now, I used to take them to a kid-friendly salon. In Paramus. However, they charge $25.00 a haircut, and for two kids, that's $50.00. Did you see that bit of math-wizness? I know. Amazing. So now we go to a hair salon in Passaic. A Mexican hair salon. We can watch telenovelas while we wait. And they charge ten bucks a pop. That is less than one haircut at the Paramus place.
This was pretty much Lucia's first haircut. My mom had trimmed her bangs before, but nothing at this level.
She was not entirely sold.
Gideon is a pro. He is even fine with the clippers.
Unbeknown to me, the girl doing Lucia's hair was planning a major 'do. It was only when I saw her come out with a big box of rubber band things, did I even guess at what was going to happen. Lucia did not like it, but she did like all the attention she got afterwards. I was still unsure.
Here she is sitting in the salon.
Here she is in the car. They both got lollipops for good behavior. Another salon trick.

Hey, what is this kid looking and smiling at? Could there be something cute to his left?
Hey, who is she looking at? Could there be something cute to her right?

Yup! Two cuties!


Rosemary Marotta said...

love it....they both look so cute...

Bryna said...

Oh my goodness, Gideon has gotten SO BIG! And personally, I think Lucia looks just darling in her new do.

BTW, totally hear you on the lack of mommy haircuts...