Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our New "Firsts"

The cliche is "Time flies when you're having fun". And it is (flying), and we are (fun). Our children are growing so fast, and it is wonderful, and it is heartbreaking. I can't imagine a time when they won't be this small, and if I could I would keep them like this forever. Except that I wouldn't. Because seeing them grow up is amazing. They are truly a gift. And we are very blessed.

This past January, we decided that Gideon absolutely needed to start nursery school. He needed some friends, and he needed to stop talking to crayons. The dance moves we assume will never go away, and really why would we want them to? He is attending a nursery school in Paramus. It is very close to my job, and I can pick him up on my lunch.

This is us on his first day. A mom saw us trying to take a picture and she leaped out of her SUV and offered to do it for us. Nice, right?

Here we are walking in. I was more nervous than he was.

He wasn't entirely sold on this school idea.
Once he saw the other children and the toys, he felt better.
All in all, he seems to ok at school. He definitely isn't in love with it or anything. If given the choice, he would stay home with Lucia. However, he never cries. He always runs in to see Miss Jeaninne, his teacher. He actually calls the school Miss Jeaninne's house. He eats his lunch. He plays outside. He brings home crafts. We get to order books from the Scholastic book orders! My favorite part :)
The Dentist
Another new thing we started this year was going to see the dentist. If any of you know me at all, you know that I abhor the dentist. The dentist is scary and frightening. The dentist puts his hands in your mouth and
So, the fact that I had to bring my precious children to the dentist and pretend that it was going to be OH SO MUCH FUN! was kind of ironic. It was like going to the circus and being surrounded by clowns. (Did you know that I was afraid of clowns?)
It started off great. They had a playroom, and they seemed to really enjoy their surroundings.

Lucia had to check everything out first.

Gideon went first. Big mistake. He refused to open his mouth, and pretty much screamed and cried and gagged the entire time.
When it was Lucia's turn she didn't seem that excited. She also cried, despite the hygienist using cherry-flavored gloves.

However, both kids got to pick a prize when it was over. They seemed pretty happy about that. I am glad we don't have to do this again for a while. But I realized that I can't put my fears on my children. I don't want them to grow up afraid of ridiculous things, like clowns. I want them to enjoy everything life has to offer. Even the circus. And the dentist.

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Bryna said...

Really, should I be bringing Nola to the dentist already? Should I? Am I a bad mom? Oh dear...