Monday, February 22, 2010

Knock, anyone still out there?
I don't have a real reason why we haven't blogged. I can use the "exhaustion excuse", or "the house is a mess excuse", or "chasing Lucia around making sure she isn't electrocuting herself takes all my time excuse".

Maybe, part of the reason is because we were in Costa Rica! In January! Which is over a month ago! So, that's not a good reason either. But here are some highlights:

The Pacific Ocean!
Fruity Monkey Poop!
Lucia walking in my abuelita's backyard. In her bathing suit. Wearing her sunhat. Holding a pail.

Gideon doing a freestyle dance. Holding his cup. In my aunt's courtyard.

Palm Trees! In January! Oh Costa Rica, how I miss thee.

Let's put all the kids in the hammock! Look at how happy Lucia is! Not.

Alex and I enjoying a typical frozen treat. Shaved ice with a fruity syrup thing on it. It's...(to quote Dora) delicioso!

The main event: My Abuelita's 80th birthday! Look at how good she looks for 80. Look at how good I look for 34! Look at how good Lucia looks for 17 months! Good genes, people. Good genes.

Lucia all dressed up for my grandmother's birthday. The hat gave her a sense of self-importance.
One of the best things we got to do in Costa Rica was to hang out with family. Especially Jerry and Adriana. You all remember my cousin Jerry? If we all lived closer to each other, we would hang out all the time. We are very compatible.
The gang's all here.
Awww...Look at how pretty Adriana is. And Jerry. Look. At. Jerry.
Triple A. Andrea, Adriana and Alexa. Out on the town, people. Out on the town!
A trio of cousins!
This is Lucia's threatening face. She is warning me not to be so lax about blogging. Ok, Luce! I promise! I will blog...I will blog.

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Bryna said...

Thanks for coming back and sharing your trip. Looks like you had A LOT of fun. Except for Lucia on that hammock. :)