Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Party Continues...
Gideon's Party Part 2
So, after the kids were finished with their Olympic event, they herded the kids into the eating area, where a long table was already set with pizza.

Gideon sat, as he should as the birthday boy, at the head of the table.
Funnily enough, Lucia toddled over to the other end of the table. I think she felt she was hostessing this event. At one point, she walked over to everyone sitting and greeted them.
There is Gideon self-eating! He normally does not like getting his hands dirty, or sticky, or messy. But, peer pressure prevailed, and he sat and ate just like everybody else. Hooray peer pressure!

Lucia ate pizza too. She is so over baby food.
The triplets commandeered their side of the table.
Here is Mr. Innocent. Look at that face!
More cute kid pictures.
Speaking of cute.
So, one of the issues came cake time. Gideon was so fond of the pizza that he kept eating it.
Here is the cake. That is Wow!Wow! Wubzy! He is happy to meet you.
Ok, so remember all that pizza he kept eating? Well, when the cake came out, and candles needed to be blown, guess who's mouth was full of pizza? Check out the left side of his mouth. So, if your piece of cake had a tiny bit of pizza on it, now you know why.
Other than that, the cake was a success. We had some happy customers.

Happy kid here!
Another satisfied client. Notice the self eating again. Can you all come to my house everyday and eat with us?
Yummy cake! But what is mommy looking at over her shoulder?
Could it be this guy taking handfuls of cake?
Wait! Did you get frosting on your ankle? How did that happen?
Houston, we have a problem. There is frosting on a cute ankle.
Sadness, because the party is over. Don't worry, part 3 is coming soon.

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Bryna said...

Next year (or for Lucia) I'm making the cake. ;)