Monday, August 31, 2009

The Sotos Do Science!
Our Day at the Liberty Science Center- Part One

This past Saturday Alex and I decided to get out of the house. Even though Saturday is our designated house cleaning day, we realized that we are not taking advantage of our only day "off" with the kids. So, at first I thought about going to the NJ Children's Museum in Paramus. However, it costs $10.00 per person, including adults and children. It seemed a little steep for what you get. And the reviews online weren't great. So, we thought about the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City. It is even more expensive than the Children's Museum, but I thought more worth the price. $15.75 for adults and $11.25 for children.
Here we are waiting on the security check line. Lucia is wondering what the hold up is. Gideon is trying to disguise himself by wearing a finger mustache. He thinks security won't notice.

Daddy waiting patiently.

The museum is definitely geared toward older children, but they do have several areas for the littles.

The first exhibit we went to is called "I Explore". It is meant for children ages 2-5. There is alot going on in a kind of small space.

This was a bin that just had rice, and some measuring cups to play with. Simple, yet effective.

They had this ball machine, and you would turn the cranks to make the balls go where you wanted them to.

These are the balls. That is Lucia there, and Gideon is reaching in to get more balls. Lucia would just take them and throw them.

They had foam building blocks.

Lucia could almost reach them. I didn't really want her to grab them, since whenever she did, they became a chew toy. Wait, chew toys are for dogs, right? Not babies.
Ok, tell me this child is not up to something.

You could "paint' this slate wall with brushes and water. Lucia kept trying to suck the water off the wall.

There are more pictures that I need to upload. So stay tuned for Part Two...

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Bryna said...

Licking the water wall and chewing on blocks, huh? Lucia is laughing in the face of germs! :)