Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mrs. Perky Bird, Storytime Mascot

Storytime Drop-Out

We have baby story time at the library, and Lucia has been signed up all session. Unfortunately, with Alex's hectic work schedule, she has managed to only make it to a few of them. I was able to take some pictures of the very last one. Imagine my shock and dismay, when I told everyone that we would see them next session, and someone said, "But isn't she going to turn ONE in September?". Yes, she is! OMG! That means that she is moving up to the older story time.

I thought this picture was fake at first. Lucia rarely sits and just looks at a book like this.

Miss Annie doing "Twinkle, twinkle". Lucia not paying attention.
Going for Mrs. Perky Bird.

Lucia and her posse.

Gideon is usually a big help with the babies. He sings along very loudly and off-key. He helps hand out the scarves by hogging them all for himself. Apparently all the helping has exhausted him.

The video below just shows a little bit of the "action". Miss Annie wants the kids to play with the scarves, and Gideon is putting his all into it. Lucia is running away, and then she proceeds to block a baby and mom walking. I have to, as usual, apologize.


SHOPGIRL said...

Can't wait to celebrate her 1st birthday!!!!!!!!!!

Bryna said...

There is some sort of 'baby magic drug' in "Goodnight Moon", I swear. Nola is OBSESSED with that book. It's the only one that she will sit through from start to finish. Although, she is getting much better about that.