Sunday, August 02, 2009

Down the Shore

One of my mother's birthday requests was that the family spend a day down the shore. With my work schedule and Gideon's swimming lessons, it wasn't the easiest thing to plan, but I have been CRAVING beach. So, this past Saturday, we sat in 2 hour traffic on the Parkway, discovered an alternate route, and finally met up with my parents and sister at Belmar.

First we stopped for some breakfast. Gideon is a "big boy" now, so he rarely needs a high chair. Here he is matching his crayons with the array of artificial sweeteners. Blue is for Equal, red for Sweet&Low, and where is the yellow for Splenda?

He is such a Daddy's boy.

I, of course, sit next to Miss Non-Smiley.

Gideon is a total beach kid. He loves the water, loves the sand. Doesn't care how wet he gets, or how sandy. He spent all day asking me if we were going to go back to the beach.

Giant wave splashed him in the face. AWESOME.

Who didn't think any of it was awesome? You guessed it. Princess Picky. It was too cold and wet. The water was TOUCHING her.

I do love her so. She was most content on the beach towel, sipping a margarita. I kid! Of course.

She was eating her puffs.
Can you stand that hat? I loooove her. However, sand was not allowed to touch her.

I just found this shot funny. We put our kids to work early in the Soto household.

No great day is complete without swinging in the ocean air.

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Bryna said...

Nola was the same way last year at the beach. I would put her down in the water and her legs would curl up indian style as if to say "what the heck are you thinking mommy! i don't want that stuff to touch me!!!" And the sand was a complete no-no.

This year, chicken cutlet in an instant. And she ran hap hazardly toward the water without a care in the world. Oh, how things change in a year!