Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby Girl

We all went to IKEA just a few days ago to have a cheap, but tasty dinner, all while giving the kids access to the loads of fun IKEA offers children of all ages. In a play area, Gideon went jumping around with children he just met, in particular this 3 year old boy who enjoyed screaming. And, Gideon joined in on the ear-piercing fun.

Lucia was sitting in the shopping cart seeing all that was going on with the cutest smile on her face, as if saying, "soon, I'll be able to jump around just like my big brother." This same boy playing with Gideon noticed Lucia and must have thought her to be the cutest baby girl he's seen. He proceeded to run towards Lucia yelling and making funny noises that didn't make her laugh, but did force her to crack a smile. She kept looking away, but he would come back again and again, and finally gleeful noises came out of Lucia's mouth.

The whole time, I was sitting on a bench inside the play area holding onto the shopping cart. Everytime the boy approached Lucia, I would unconsciously strengthen my grip on the shopping cart. I knew I was doing it, but didn't know why. I just couldn't seem to help it. When Alexa arrived from getting our food, I told her that I knew what type of Dad I would be when Lucia reached boy-liking age.

Lucia, why must it be an inevitable thing that you grow up. Sigh.

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SHOPGIRL said...

awww you did a "don't mess with my baby girl" grip - how cute