Sunday, August 23, 2009

Alex and Alexa Go to Rockport

I have been putting off writing this post, because I feel like the second I write it, all memories of Rockport, and our lovely getaway will be a thing of the past. Alex and I used to take lots of road trips when we were sans children, and we very much enjoyed them. But, I don't think there has been a trip that I have enjoyed more. Maybe it was the fact that I could sleep in if I really wanted to, or that I didn't have to change any diapers. Whatever the reason, I highly recommend Rockport as a relaxing change of pace. (it sounds like I am writing a travel review)

When we were first talking about the possibility of going away, Alex kept saying his only criteria was to "do nothing". He wanted to sit and look at nature, preferably a view of the ocean. I didn't have any criteria. Just NOT HOME. I probably would have been happy at the nearest Hilton, just as long as I could get room service.

We wanted to do Cape Cod, but of course being the non-planners that we are, it was pretty expensive and there really wasn't anything available. My co-worker (technically, my boss) Annie suggested Rockport, MA. Her in-laws live there, and she thought we would like it. I Googled it, and behold:

That is picturesque, people.

I emailed every hotel, motel, and bed and breakfast in town. I got back a lot of "sorry, we're booked", but I got one very friendly email back letting me know they had one room available, the Seacrest Manor After getting everyone at my job to vote, we all decided that yes, this was the place. (It wasn't much of a vote, since it was the ONLY choice, but whatever.) I called to book, and was told that they only had a room for Friday night. However, they had a cancellation, so we could have a different room for Saturday, but would need to switch rooms. We thought that was fine, so we booked it. My Facebook status instantly changed and alerted everyone of our plans.

We left Friday morning, and after TONS of traffic, we arrived at the Seacrest Manor, and met our new best friend, Pat. She is the innkeeper, and the loveliest woman in the whole wide world. She had been waiting for us to arrive, and seemed very happy to see us. (I don't mean seemed, as she if was up to something. I am sure she was genuinely happy to see us.)

Here is my darling husband, posing in front of the inn.

Myself, and Pat! Hi, Pat!

Our room for Friday night. This room had no air conditioning, which we were warned about. However, the night was very cool, and the lack of air conditioning did not affect us. I forgot to use the flash in this picture. It also is a lot larger than it appears.

Our room for Saturday night. This room was extra lovely. See the pink thing on the bed? That is my robe. When Alex and I came in from being out, someone had laid it on the bed for me. I had left it out all sloppily, and I came back to find it all genteel and stuff.

The deck! The marvelous deck! The perfect place to sit and do nothing and look at nature with a water view! I think I fulfilled Alex's criteria. I am the fullfiller of criteria!
This is the view from the deck. With a some zoom.

The lovely dining area where we sat, and Pat brought out delicious breakfasts. Like baked French Toast. And vegetable quiche. And eggs with bacon or sausage. And toast with 2 kind of jam. Two kinds of jam! That is really living.

This is what you would get before the hot breakfast. See that cute white dome? That is the secret butter holder. And the little cylinder behind it? One of the jam holders.

Someone asked us to take their picture, and in exchange we asked them to take our picture. Nothing is free, people! Do we look adorable? And matching? We never plan on matching, it just happens.
The Annisquam Lighthouse. It took us forever to find it, because it is actually in a residential neighborhood. The "parking" was adjacent to someone's driveway. It was beautiful, and we usually go looking for lighthouses for my dad's sake.. He loves lighthouses, and I like to bring him a picture of one he hasn't yet seen in person.

A pile o'kayaks. Alex liked the way they looked, so he snapped this picture. I love them. Not enough to go kayaking, but I like the colors.

The lovebirds. Don't we look relaxed and rested? We loved our little getaway, especially staying at the Seacrest Manor. Alex promised me that we would return again. I think it is really important to take a break from your everyday, and just be a couple again. Of course, we missed our babies. I even shed a tear when we left. But we need to recharge, and be a wife and a husband again, not just a mommy and a daddy. We are both feeling better, and although we are back to our busy life, we have been more patient and loving with each other.

Happy Anniversary, Hunnie.


Bryna said...

That looks quite enjoyable! Kind of like Newport, RI which we did for our anniversary. You can try that for your next getaway. :) And maybe my husband and I should try that place for our next one!

Alex Soto said...

Thank you hunnie!