Wednesday, July 29, 2009

YouTube in the Morning

Gideon's new obsession is the band, They Might Be Giants. They play alot of children's music and have a bunch of videos on YouTube. After "Hi Mama", Gideon's first words in the morning are, "They Might Be Giants, Here Come the 123's, pweeease". No joke. I usually can convince him to eat breakfast first, and to go potty. But after that is out of the way, all he wants to do is watch these videos. I mean, they are educational, and totally tolerable, since they are pretty funny and interesting.

Here he is with his morning coffee.

I have been caught watching him!

And he's back.

Meanwhile, what is Lucia up to, you may ask? Well, she is not walking yet, although she did walk a few steps by herself toward me today.

Here she is in the highchair making a frown-y face.

A change of expression. Less frown-y.

Pretty smiley now.

Totally laughing. Like, totally.

And....she's back.

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