Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Sister Is Not 16 Anymore
I am 34 years old. My little sister (who is taller than me), is 4 years younger. You can do that math, it's easy. However, I never seem to remember that we are no longer in our twenties. In fact, forget twenties, I still think my sister is a teenager in high school.
To celebrate this birthday, I was instructed by the birthday girl to throw her a birthday dinner party. I wanted it to be a surprise, but my sister is a big snoop, and she hacked into my facebook page to look at the invitation. She claims that she didn't, so that also makes her a giant fibber as well.
I am about to post some pictures below. Please be warned: Andrea is ....ummm...kind of...well-endowed. Have all small children and the elderly leave the room. We want to avoid any permanent damage.
Myself and the birthday girl.
Bharat and Wayne. Notice the ghost waiter behind them. Weird, right?
Alex loves getting to hang out with these guys. They discuss important social and political issues. As you can see, Alex is really passionate about this conversation. And Bharat is obviously riveted.

Andrea with our friend Rachel. Rachel has a husband named Rey. Get it...Rachel and Rey....Rachel Rey! (Like Rachel Ray the TV cook. Do you get it? You get it.)
Wayne again, with his beauteous wife Donne. They are both from South Africa, and have super cool accents. I love being friends with people with accents. Not that it's the only reason they are our friends. They are just super cool people.(but the accents don't hurt)
Andrea received this present. It is a Lia Sophia bracelet. It is really gorgeous. Donne sells Lia Sophia, and I am hosting a party at my house this Saturday, 7/25 at 7pm. Please come. That was a total shameless plug, but I am not sorry.
The girls at the party. Christa is missing in this one, but she had a family emergency. I don't know why I am standing like that. Please don't judge.
Happy Birthday to my sister Andrea!


Bryna said...

OMG! Andrea is 30! (granted, so is Suzanne, but whatever! when did we get so old?)

Happy Birthday Andrea!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time. Happy 30th Andrea!