Wednesday, July 29, 2009

YouTube in the Morning

Gideon's new obsession is the band, They Might Be Giants. They play alot of children's music and have a bunch of videos on YouTube. After "Hi Mama", Gideon's first words in the morning are, "They Might Be Giants, Here Come the 123's, pweeease". No joke. I usually can convince him to eat breakfast first, and to go potty. But after that is out of the way, all he wants to do is watch these videos. I mean, they are educational, and totally tolerable, since they are pretty funny and interesting.

Here he is with his morning coffee.

I have been caught watching him!

And he's back.

Meanwhile, what is Lucia up to, you may ask? Well, she is not walking yet, although she did walk a few steps by herself toward me today.

Here she is in the highchair making a frown-y face.

A change of expression. Less frown-y.

Pretty smiley now.

Totally laughing. Like, totally.

And....she's back.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wacky Wednesdays at the Library

Most of you know that I work at the Paramus Public Library. With the economy being what it is, the library has decided to amp up the summer programs, so that our patrons can enjoy free summertime fun. One of our more popular programs is Wacky Wednesdays. The library has hired family friendly entertainers to come and perform every Wednesday night, outside in the band shell. Families come and bring their chairs and blankets. The kids get to run around and dance. A delicious ice cream truck comes, which sells soft serve.

Since I no longer work Wednesday nights, I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to hang out with my kids after work. Alex came with me to the first concert, and my mom came with me to the second. Last week, no one could come, so I wussed out and left Lucia with my mom, and came out with the Gidster.

The performers were a tiny bit lame-o. However, I think just the parents thought so. The kids seemed to have a great time.

Gideon does not sit with me. I bring his little camper chair, and he likes to set it up, but then he goes running to the stage, and stays there the whole time. Here he is jumping with kids.

He kind of ignores me when I am standing there with my camera.

Some more jumping and dancing.

I could have taken more pictures of him dancing and singing, and playing with rocks, and laying down on the grass, and begging for ice cream. However, I decided it was more amusing to watch him try to open up a bottle of water. Let's watch: does not seem to be open.

Nope, no water is coming out.

Maybe a pep talk will help. And some glaring.


Oh well, I wasn't thirsty anyway.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Sister Is Not 16 Anymore
I am 34 years old. My little sister (who is taller than me), is 4 years younger. You can do that math, it's easy. However, I never seem to remember that we are no longer in our twenties. In fact, forget twenties, I still think my sister is a teenager in high school.
To celebrate this birthday, I was instructed by the birthday girl to throw her a birthday dinner party. I wanted it to be a surprise, but my sister is a big snoop, and she hacked into my facebook page to look at the invitation. She claims that she didn't, so that also makes her a giant fibber as well.
I am about to post some pictures below. Please be warned: Andrea is ....ummm...kind of...well-endowed. Have all small children and the elderly leave the room. We want to avoid any permanent damage.
Myself and the birthday girl.
Bharat and Wayne. Notice the ghost waiter behind them. Weird, right?
Alex loves getting to hang out with these guys. They discuss important social and political issues. As you can see, Alex is really passionate about this conversation. And Bharat is obviously riveted.

Andrea with our friend Rachel. Rachel has a husband named Rey. Get it...Rachel and Rey....Rachel Rey! (Like Rachel Ray the TV cook. Do you get it? You get it.)
Wayne again, with his beauteous wife Donne. They are both from South Africa, and have super cool accents. I love being friends with people with accents. Not that it's the only reason they are our friends. They are just super cool people.(but the accents don't hurt)
Andrea received this present. It is a Lia Sophia bracelet. It is really gorgeous. Donne sells Lia Sophia, and I am hosting a party at my house this Saturday, 7/25 at 7pm. Please come. That was a total shameless plug, but I am not sorry.
The girls at the party. Christa is missing in this one, but she had a family emergency. I don't know why I am standing like that. Please don't judge.
Happy Birthday to my sister Andrea!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Swim Classes at the YMCA.

You may not think to look at me now, but I used to be a swimmer. I was on a swim team at the YMCA in Ridgewood, and I used to love it. Lately, I have been thinking of getting back to doing laps to lose weight. However, I am afraid that the lifeguards will mistake me for a beached whale and call the Coast Guard. But, this post is not about me. It's about Gideon's swim classes at the Y. We started last Saturday, and I have been very excited about it for weeks. I think it is really important for kids to know how to swim, and feel comfortable in the water.

I occasionally would mention the classes to Gideon, but Gideon has no sense of time. If I tell him that we are going to do something, he thinks it means IMMEDIATELY, and rushes to the door. So, I tried not to get him too excited about swimming, because he would start crying if we didn't get into a pool AT THAT EXACT MOMENT.

Here are some photos of the time in the pool. Forgive the quality, since someone who I will not mention forgot to lift the flash thingy. Someone whose name is Alex.
Getting ready to go in. No, I don't know why I look like a crazed squirrel. Focus on the cute boy looking at the pool with trepidation.

Sitting on the edge, about to jump in. One of the important things we learned was to jump in, and then immediately turn around and grab the edge. That way, if he ever falls into a pool, he can instinctively hold on to the edge.

I am explaining that he cannot splash the other kids in the face, nor kick in their general direction. There were some cry babies in that class, and they did not like getting splashed.
Waving at daddy. Look at his totally fake smile.

Also, please please notice how Gideon's hairstyle very closely resembles a certain TV mom with eight children. Yes, Kate Gosselin's hairstyle! Maybe that is how she gets that hair. She gets into a pool with a million children. Gideon's is of course, completely natural. No stylist for him.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Lucia Does Not Like Fireworks...

is the understatement of the year. We had thought about not going to see fireworks this year. Our reasons were: 1. It was too late, 2. They were too loud, 3. There was too much traffic and bother. However, Gideon really loved them last year, and I hate depriving him of fun experiences. It didn't even occur to me that Lucia would not be thrilled to in the presence of booming noises and bright flashing lights.

My sister and I loaded up the van with chairs, blankets, and lots of diaper bag necessities. We drove into Garden State Plaza, and found a parking spot among the sea of cars. We meant to go to the block party, but with a baby in tow, I thought it was better for us to just go straight to the grass.

At first, all is well. She always needs to put something in her mouth.

Lucia in the Sky.

A sweet Mommy and Me moment. Alex stayed home to work:(

And THEN...

Get me away!

Gideon did love it, despite this picture. They were just a little too loud. Next year, we won't sit so close.

Well, actually next year we may not go at all. Not if Lucia has anything to do with it.