Monday, June 08, 2009

Lucia in the Sky

Well, almost. Because this child of mine is almost walking, people! At 8 months. It must be stopped. I remember despairing because at 14 months, Gideon was barely walking. And I wanted him to walk SO BADLY. Everyone used to tell me that I shouldn't rush him, since once he was walking, there was no stopping him, and my life would never be the same. Well, I am so not rushing Lucia. In fact, I have jokingly said that if she starts walking now, I am going to push her over.

All jokes aside, this little baby girl is constantly surprising me with her many accomplishments. I am posting pictures where she is actually almost smiling. That is another thing about her: she is a very serious baby. Her smiles are reserved for her brother Gideon.

Here she is with my dad. This is her natural facial expression. It's a mix of disdain, sprinkled in with some disbelief.

She loves propping herself on the coffee table.

She is a very sturdy baby.

Doesn't she look older than 8 months?

Here she is standing in her crib. The video below shows her standing and falling. My mom is making her laugh by pretend sneezing.

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