Sunday, May 31, 2009

A New Camera...Finally!

Internet, meet our new addition, the Nikon Coolpix L100. Isn't it pretty?

It was a bit of a spontaneous buy. We were at Target, looking for a ten year old girl's birthday present. Alex and I got separated, and when I found him, he was looking at flat screen tv's.(another electronic item we do not possess; we still only own a bulky tv) I managed to convince him that a new tv was not a necessity, while a new camera kind of was. What kind of bloggers would we be, with no photos?

So, I got to break it in at the birthday party. It was Margarita's tenth birthday, and I got to show off my new camera. I still don't know what all the features are, so I am sure I could have taken better pictures if I had bothered to play with it a bit more.

But here are a few examples:

Annoyingly, it shows the date and time. I didn't know how to remove it. I do now.

Gideon purposely ignoring me, as I yelled out: "Gideon, look at Mama! Gideon!".

Happy Birthday Maggie!