Wednesday, March 25, 2009

While Daddy's Away...we all play! (including the cat)

Alex had to go to Virginia yesterday for a work thing. I took today off, because I didn't have any childcare. It is always so much fun to stay home with the kids, (even if I had to clean Gideon's poop out of the bathtub!). This potty training thing is so not working.

For the most part, all housework gets put on hold, while we play non-stop. I try to get stuff done while they nap, except I am blogging right now while they nap, so whatever. One of the Gidster's favorite things to do, is to hand stuff to Lucia. He likes watching her try to devour whatever stuffed animal, toy, or miscellaneous piece of whatever he gives her. Except, of course, if it's a favorite stuffed animal, like Pooh or Pluto. Then he lets her have it for two seconds, and the instant there is baby saliva on it, he is all like, "I don't think so..", and he snaps his fingers in her face and walks away in a huff. Oh wait, that is what I do to Alex when he wants me to cook. Hee hee, ho ho. I am so-o-o funny.

Here she is, having been handed the container of baby cereal puffs. Notice the innocent expression, that's all, "What? I am only six months old.". I've got her number.

Here they both are in our very messy play area. Gideon refused to look up. He was saying, "Cheeeeese!", but not looking at me. Like that counts.

Lucia is now eating real food. She and Gideon share the high chair. She really likes sitting there. Of couse, in two seconds, she will have banana and cereal all over the place. This is definitely the "before" picture.

She makes these high pitched sounds, and coos. And she blows raspberries. Oh! Also, she got her ears pierced! Click on the pic for a closer look. I am trying to download some videos, down below. Hopefully, they load. If they do, you will see, (and hear) her eating and making her noises. You will also hear my man laugh, and Gideon making a huge racket. Enjoy.

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Bryna said...

What's with the tounge? She's like, lapping at the spoon. FUNNY!

i will never twitter...