Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Very Family Valentine's Day
Alex and I had already planned on staying in this Valentine's Day. We had gone out for date night last weekend, so we were prepared to make this V-day about us and the kids. I had spoken to some of the moms in storytime, and they had confirmed that, they too, would be celebrating at home with their kids. I was thinking of all sorts of fun activities to do with Gideon. Making a valentine for daddy, and maybe baking some kind of heart shaped cookie.

Unfortunately, by Thursday afternoon, I started feeling the twinges of a sore throat. By Thursday night, I was full on fever, coughing, and a really painful sore throat. I called out sick from work on Friday, and spent a miserable day at home with my kids, who were also sick. One thing they don't tell you in mom school, is that when you are sick, your kids don't magically disappear to a wonderful land where they are happy and taken care of, and reappear once you are back on your feet. All I wanted was to be in bed, but there were babies to feed, and books to read, and lunch to be made. Thankfully, on Friday night, my mom swept to the rescue and took Gideon overnight, and fed him dinner.
So, like last Valentine's Day, I was sick. Except last year, I was pregnant. However, like the year before last, Alex decided to surprise me with a culinary surprise. Now, if you know my husband at all, you know he doesn't like rules or directions. So, why follow a recipe, if he can just throw together ingredients from the pantry, and voila! out comes corn muffins and corn pancakes:
Here is a picture of me, being excited.
Here is a picture of breakfast. The plate on the right is a corn pancake with bacon and a fried egg.

After my mom dropped off Gideon, we decided to go out to Vitamia, an Italian speciality food store in Lodi. I bought a couple of packages of fresh, homemade, heart-shaped ravioli, and two homemade sauces. I am going to post pictures of the ravioli, but they did taste better than they photograph:
Cheese filled ravioli with bolognese sauce.
Same ravioli with sauce and fresh mozzarella. About to go into the oven.

Sun dried tomato ravioli with vodka sauce.

After dinner, Alex and I exchanged cards, and then the four of us hung out on our bed.
Here is Alex with the kids.
A picture of me with my babies. Notice Lucia looks like this is taking up too much of her precious time.
Mommy and Gideon laughing, while Lucia looks like she wishes she was adopted.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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