Saturday, February 07, 2009

Date Night

Life has been stressful lately. I have been stressed. With driving the kids back and forth to Newark everyday(although Alex does the majority of the driving), arriving to work breathless and frazzled(because once again I am LATE), and our fun new financial situation, our life has gotten really complicated. And when we are stressed, we tend to snipe at each other, hurting each others feelings, and there is usually some crying and pouting. Can't you see Alex pouting?

So, someone at work said, "You guys need a date night". A date night? But, that would involve spending money(which we don't have), and spending time together(so what happens to the pouting?). Well, I soon became determined to have a date night. I looked at the calendar, and decided on a date. It would be the first Friday in February, because that is when I get a paycheck, plus Alex had given me a gift card to P.F. Changs for Christmas, so I made reservations. I called my cousin Gaby to babysit.

And then I sprung it on Alex. "We are going on a DATE NIGHT.", I proclaimed. "What?" he exclaimed. (did you see my rhyme? I am sooo a poet.) And the excuses to not have a date night started. We don't have any money. We don't spend enough time with the kids. Can Gaby handle both kids by herself? What does the P. and the F. stand for anyway? I had a rebuttal for each excuse ready and waiting. I had the money thing covered. The kids would benefit from our time together. Of course, Gaby wouldn't be able to handle both kids, but that is how babysitters LEARN. Trial by fire, baby.

So, off we went. And it was lovely. The atmosphere at P.F. Changs was nice, and the food was ok, but it was so good to just sit there, just the two of us, and hold hands. We had a nice talk about how we can work together as a team, about handling our stress in a better manner, and about trusting God to take care of our family. Alex confessed that he feels burdened with the responsibility of keeping our family afloat, and I voiced my frustration with his seemingly inability to wash a single dish. We both promised to try harder, and to remember that we are working together on this, not against each other.

After, we went to Pathmark to buy cat food. So romantic.

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