Sunday, February 15, 2009

BFF's 4 Life

Many of you have asked me how Gideon responds to Lucia. Well, let me tell you, Gideon and Lucia are the sweetest brother and sister ever. Lucia literally, lights up whenever she spots Gideon. Gideon wakes up in the morning, and runs over to "my baby".

Here is some photographic evidence of how much love there is between Gideon and Lucia.

Gideon clapping because he is finally allowed to hold Lucia.

Hey, look! One hand!

Lucia holding on for dear life.

Sitting watching TV together. Look at my poor baby's bald spot :(

One of Gideon's favorite lounging spots is right on Lucia's boppy pillow.

It looks like baby Lucia has inherited Mommy's frizzy hair. Sigh.

Hanging out.

Yikes. Too much love.

1 comment:

Bryna said...

Too cute! And growing up so fast! Gideon looks like a little man. *sigh* where does the time go?