Tuesday, December 02, 2008

We Found Our Camera!

It was at my mom's house. Since my mom has stopped watching the kids, we haven't been able to go over to her house in a while. So, the camera has been sitting over there, waiting for us, feeling abandoned. Poor camera.

Anyway, these pictures of Gideon were taken at my parents. He just discovered that he could shuffle his feet in the leaves.

He likes it.

You can't tell, but he is yelling "Hooray!"


Introspective Pose.

Running back to the house.
You haven't seen any new pics of Lucia in a while. She has gotten chubbier.

She is wearing a headband that my father in law bought her. He bought her a whole set, in various colors. He likes baby girls wearing things in their hair. He thinks they are oh-so-cute. He is right.

As you can see, the headband matches the pants.

See how chubby her cheeks are?

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Bryna said...

Too cute! I think you have the most beautiful children... well, next to Nola. :)