Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Funny Boy!

Today, Gideon came up with a joke. A little history first.

He loves to count and carries plastic, wood and cardboard numbers all over the house, placing them where ever he feels there is a need for a number to be present, like right smack in the middle of the floor, in the bathroom near the tub, under the kitchen table, or under the sofa. Lucia will learn to count in no time as Gideon teaches her to count every day and high fives her at any given moment. So, we have established that Gideon has studied numbers and knows alot about them ... he's a numbers expert.

These days, while numbers are still of great interest to him, he is experimenting more with the pronunciation of words. He's even saying simple 2 - 3 word sentences. As you all may know, Gideon is also bilingual. So he knows both English and Spanish words, and sometimes to show his linguistic versatility, he counts in both languages. Sometimes he counts to 6 in English and then switches to Spanish .. siete, ocho, nueve, diez .... yay!

My dad is sick this week, and since my mom is watching the kids, Gideon hears grandpa sneezing all the time. After Pop Pop (Gideon's term for both of his grandfathers) sneezes, Gideon says, "Achoo Pop Pop," which roughly translates to "God bless you."

Now, to Gideon's joke.

"Ocho," he says almost as if asking a question. He pauses for a brief second, then he yells "Achoo!" Then he covers his mouth and giggles. Then he does it again.

So, while he probably doesn't have enough material to be a stand-up comic at this point, he makes Mommy and Daddy laugh ... and his jokes are enough for us to brighten up any rainy, dreary day.

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