Sunday, November 02, 2008

Gideon is officially a 2 year old!

With Lucia taking up so much of my time (nursing), blogging has become a secondary priority. Secondary? Try last on my list, right after my daily strenuous aerobic workout. For those of you that really know me, you will have fallen off your chair laughing at this point. Because that was a JOKE.
Anywhoo, Gideon's birthday was last month, October 11th. Alex's family had a church luncheon they needed to attend during the day, so we decided to take Gideon and Lucia (along with my parents and my sister) to Abma's Farm in Wyckoff for some pumpkin picking.

Here are some shots from that day:

A perfect day for a walk through the pumpkin patch with daddy.

Lucia in the carrier. She slept through most of the day.

We found the perfect pumpkin.

Hanging out with Papa.

His solution to a runny nose.

Oh, and there was a petting zoo. His first experience being licked by a goat created much giggling. Except he didn't want to repeat the experience. We all know that goat licking is pretty much a one time deal anyway.

Later that day, Alex's family came over for pizza and cake. And not just any cake, but cake from a Spanish bakery in the Bronx. Valencia Bakery. And if you are thinking, "Alexa, please tell me that you did not shlep into the Bronx on the day of your son's birthday, with a newborn in tow." Well, I cannot tell you that. Because we did.

It was awesome cake. It was actually two cakes. Because I could not decide on the filling flavor. I really wanted the guava filling, but didn't know if the kids would eat it. So, we had to have the chocolate to make everyone happy. I have to tell you, I am craving that guava cake right now, and I am a little sad that I am no longer pregnant, because I can't force Alex to go get me some, and say it's for Lucia. Sad face :(

Gideon, at this point, was pretty tired, so he wasn't as enthusiastic as he would have been normally.

Here he is while we are singing to him.

Opening a gift from his Titi. (his aunt Letty, Alex's sister)

Eating said gift. (Ok, he puts everything in his mouth. Isn't he too old for that? Any advice, moms of the world? He eats paper, crayons, you name it.)

His cousin, pointing out his cool puzzle.

One of his favorites, and I have to admit, that I play with it just as much.

So, there you go. My baby boy is two years old. Stay tuned for a post about his incredible and slightly funny temper tantrums.

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