Sunday, November 02, 2008

Along Came a Spider...

and it was Gideon! As some of you know, Halloween creates a bit of a controversy in our home. Alex would prefer if we ignored it completely, and I can't resist dressing up our son in fun costumes. As the kids get older, we may faze it out, but as of right now, Alex indulges me.

My friend and co-worker Tracey lent me this super cute costume. It is a spider costume, and it wasn't a bit scary. We didn't plan on going trick or treating. We were just going outside to watch the kids and give out candy. However, Gideon wanted to go out for a walk, and I figured, why not score some free candy? Right? Of course, right.
Gideon in full gear.

The Sotos out and about in the neighborhood.

He was a bit hesitant about it at first.

But he got over it.

No costume for Lucia. Just her "My Little Pumpkin" onesie.


Bryna said...

You seriously think that Gideon is going to let the whole free candy thing fall by the wayside when he gets older? What are you smoking, and can I have some! C'mon now... what kid doesn't like to dress up for free candy. Although, I'm a huge advocate for Halloween, as I did go out until I was way, WAY too old to!

choosydad said...

Yeah, you can't give up a chance for free candy, particularly when the global economy is in the toilet! ;)

Cute costume.

Jane said...

I hope you don't give up on Halloween for a long time! I too love it. I am trying to get a new tradition of "Trunk or Treat" started at my church.