Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Isn't She Lovely

Welcome to the newest member of the family, Lucia (pronounced Looseea) Ana Soto, born September 16, 2008 at 1:07 pm ET. As always, there is a story with the Soto Family. This is my side.

At about 9:30 am, Alexa starts to feel pains. She assures me that they weren't Braxton-Hicks, so I start the countdown. A minute later she breathes a sigh of relief.

10 minutes later. Gideon pretends to be a bunny rabbit, hopping around the house. Alexa yells, "Hunnie," which is my cue to record the time and measure the contraction. A minute later, a sigh of relief, from the both of us. I was hit with the reality of what was going on.

I continue working. Alexa contemplated going to work today. Thank God she didn't. Another contraction. No doubt, a yet to be born Lucia was on a mission, which was to leave her familiar, cozy and warm world to one where it's a bit colder and much meaner.

Several contractions later .... Alexa decides to take a bath, yelling, "Hunnie" from the tub so that I can record the time between contractions and how long they lasted. I yell back, "There still 10 minutes apart and lasting about a minute. We have plenty of time left." So I continue working.

As Alexa's 12pm appointment with her OB/GYN was approaching, I wrapped up work stuff and got ready to head out. By this time, Alexa's mom had already picked up Gideon, who was a bit cranky. Before leaving, Alexa embraced him and her eyes began to tear. I ask her what wrong? She answers, "This is the last time that we'll be a family of 3."

I drive to her OB/GYN. During the drive she experienced 2 contractions. The office is 7 minutes away. I didn't need a watch to do the math. The contractions are now less than 10 minutes apart, closer to like 6 minutes.

We arrive at the office and Alexa signs in while in the middle of one her toughest contractions. I'm not sure what she signed, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't her name. They take us in immediately and Dr. Robert Gallo sees her and does his thing to find out what's going on. To our surprise, Alexa was 8 centimeters ... only 2 centimeters to go.

Well, I was told to get the car and take Alexa to the hospital immediately. Dr. Gallo tells us that we'll have our baby by 3pm.

We get to the hospital's front entrance. I run out of the car and help Alexa in. The receptionist gets a wheel chair and we're off. We get to the 3rd floor. It was there that I remembered that I had left the car running, right in front of the main entrance, where parking wasn't allowed. Despite my worries about getting a ticket or worse, having my car towed, I took this problem out of my mind and focused on Alexa.

She was admitted and the nurses get to working with her immediately, getting her ready for an epidural. The pain, no doubt, at this point must have been excruciating for Alexa. After she was ready for the epidural, the Anesthesiologist comes in. This meant that I had to leave the room for I wasn't allowed in there.

I took advantage of the opportunity and raced downstairs to the main entrance to park my car in the garage. No ticket and the car was not towed away. I find a parking spot and I impatiently wait for the 2 elevators. Dr Gallo himself was in the elevator with me to get to Alexa's room. We go to her room and the story was dramatically different.

About 5 nurses surrounded Alexa and everyone was running around. Dr Gallo who was dressed in a nice suit, didn't even have time to get comfortable. Alexa was waving to me to hurry. So I did and stood by her side holding her hand. In the middle of one of her first pushes, Alexa moves her lips with hardly a word coming out, saying "No epidural"

"Oh my goodness. Are you kidding me?" I exclaimed. She nodded no. I was fearful that the pain of a 100% natural child birth would be too much for Alexa. But, about 10 minutes and 2 hard pushes later, Lucia Ana Soto was born.

We were admitted at about 12:20pm ET and Lucia was born at 1:07 pm. In other words, labor was less than 50 minutes. Compare that to the 14 hours for Gideon.

Isn't she lovely? I mean aren't they lovely?


Anonymous said...

Oh I am so happy for you! Today is my parents wedding anniversary...so I will always remember the date....and such a beautiful name....love to all.....


MaryAnn Diorio, Ph.D. said...

Praise the Lord, Alex! I am so happy for you and Alexa. She is a beauty as are your precious children.

Blessings to all of you,


P.S. My middle name is Lucia, and I love it. :)

Momma-of-5 said...

CONGRATS! And although I'm very happy for Alexa, I'd keep the duration to yourself around Shannon. =) I can't wait to meet her...and see beautiful, strong, superwoman, Alexa!!!

Bryna said...

I kept reading and saying "oh my God"... Alexa you are one strong woman! Love you guys! Congrats on your new little one and family of FOUR! :)