Saturday, September 20, 2008

2 Kids

Those of you who have followed our blog from the very beginning are probably wondering why we haven't updated it as frequently as we did when Gideon was born. Simply put, it's very different to be parents of two kids, rather than just one ... and in my case, let's not forget Miggy the cat.

When planning the rest of our mornings, Alexa and I discussed a change in roles. They aren't drastic, but just enough modifications to make everybody's life a bit easier. For example, bathing Gideon is something I have done like on 3 occasions, but now, it's mostly mine to do. I also do the getting Gideon from the crib every morning, changing him out his diapers and pajamas and then giving him his morning milk routine.

This helps Alexa as she constantly has to be with Lucia. Breastfed babies eat more, about every two hours and this keeps Alexa very busy. She also poops a lot more. I don't think Gideon pooped as much as she does. For now, Alexa takes care of this. I've done it once thus far and am a bit comfortable because Lucia is much smaller than Gideon at 4-5 days old. I'm afraid to hurt her with my clumsy, giant hands. I told my mom how I'm hesitant to change Lucia's diaper and she tells me how an older cousin of mine, who now lives in Puerto Rico, mistakenly squished a bird with his monster hands, much to his dismay. Well, that certainly makes me feel better mom! Thanks!

So, we're much busier and tired these days. And our 2 bedroom apartment has become one big toy box with the curious smells of baby and toddler poop and chinese food. Oh yeah, who has time to cook anymore. We just order whatever we're in the mood for. I'm sure this is temporary and if it wasn't for Alexa's mom, we'd probably be a little insane right now. Here, she is putting Alexa's hair into a ponytail, a task I tried many times unsuccessfully ... with Lucia here I'll be an expert in no time.

At least, I get to spend a lot of time with my son now. Work will have to fit in somewhere and I haven't figured that out yet, but I will have to soon. During the last weeks of Alexa's pregnancy I took Gideon out to walk, to my mom's or her moms, to the playground (Van Saun in Paramus is one of my favorites) and to IKEA.

IKEA is such a wonderful place. Personally, I love interior design. I read home & garden magazines while waiting in supermarket lines. Most people find this odd when they meet me and realize that I also love football in a barbaric, grunting way where actual words don't come out when I watch Jets games, but rather noises and uncomprehensible rants ... and I don't drink so it's not alcohol. Anyway, I love looking at furniture and how they are arranged and matched with colors and patterns. But the best thing about IKEA are the strategically placed play kiosks and areas.

Here are pictures of one our most recent outings.

Ridem cowboy

Spinning rings on his fingers

Intensely studying a toy

In a spinning capsule

Jumping in an air filled mattress

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