Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cranky boy at the Zoo
(and it was totally our fault)

A few weeks ago, we had the brilliant idea of taking Gideon to the Turtleback Zoo. I had never been there, but Alex had as a kid, and had fond memories of it. And Gideon loves animals, so it seemed like a no-brainer. We had planned on leaving early, before the Gidster's nap, so by the time we had finished touring the zoo, he would be oh-so sleepy and fall asleep in the car on the way home, and then Alex and I would have 2-4 hours of quietness. Sounds good, right?
Well, except of course for the fact that once we got there, we realized we had forgotten to bring a stroller. And no stroller meant that we would have to chase Gideon EVERYWHERE. So, a stroller was a necessity. We drove right past the zoo, and headed to the Livingston Mall. After a long, fruitless search, we ended up buying a cheesy Winnie-the-Pooh umbrella stroller. Of course, by this point, Gideon had fallen asleep. But we were determined! He would LOVE the zoo! And I had to work the next day, so this was our only chance!

We park the car, and wake up a sleepy and very cranky Gideon. He immediately starts with the "Nooooooooo". That should have been our first clue. But once he got more awake, he would LOVE the zoo! (Can you tell we were a bit delusional?) We put him in the new stroller, and on we went! The fun would commence shortly. Any minute now...
The zoo had a train. Gideon has been on the train at Van Saun, so I assumed he would be fine. Can we say...hysterical crying for the majority of the ride? And totally terrified of the tunnel the train went through? The couple in front of us kept turning around to glare at us. We tried to get a picture, but as you can see, he flat out refused to look at me. And my dear, darling husband. Can you tell that his brain matter is literally melting? I do believe that one of the reasons he was so upset was from the embarrassment of the Winnie-the-Pooh stroller. All the other kids were in these fancy, high end strollers, and here he is, in a rinky-dink umbrella stroller. My poor child. Already, with self-esteem issues.
The only highlight was the petting zoo. There were animals there that Gideon actually recognized, and could say the words. Like "cow" and "sheep". However, there was really no petting allowed, since Alex was convinced that Gideon would get malled by one of the fuzzy lambs. Or at the very least...licked. I was all for just throwing him into one of the pens to fend for himself. How else do you teach a 20 month year old survival skills?
He had not learned the word for "llama".
He did know the word for "cat".
All in all, not the worst. We chose to call it a day, and headed home earlier than intended. He did indeed pass out in the car, and slept for like 4 hours! So, now you know a sure fire way to wear out your child. Don't say I never do anything for you.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Day at the Ballpark
I was reading my friend Amy's blog, and she mentioned a recent trip to a Yankee game, and it reminded me that we had taken the G-dog to his first baseball game, and had never blogged about it. Bad, bad bloggers! Anyway, it wasn't a major league game, since I haven't been brave enough for that. It was a Newark Bears game, and it was the perfect trial run.
We met up with Alex's brother, Israel, and his two boys. Gideon loves, loves, loves being with his cousins. They are both older than he is; the oldest is 7 (or 8?) and the younger one is 5, but they are great with him, and entertain him constantly. We could have been sitting on a pile of dirt, and he would have had a great time. Actually, he would probably LOVE a pile of dirt. Never mind. One of the nicest things about the game, is that Gideon actually spent real quality time with his uncle. He sat on his lap, and had quite a conversation with him about the game.
Here he is pointing. He loves pointing.
Some cheering.
Ummm... more pointing. And that hair.

Hanging out with the cousin.

And what I can guess is some stretching? Look at that hair. I mean really.

Ok, so the reason I posted this picture is because of the little girl in green. See her standing in front of Gideon? He accidentally flicked juice at her with his straw, and she was super upset about it, and was mad at him. You can tell that she is really prissy. I mean, she is wearing a pearl necklace, of all things, to a ballgame. The juice hit her shoulder, so it didn't even touch her clothes. But she kept turning around and glaring at him. Glaring at a not-even-two year old! I foresee therapy in her future. More pointing! It must be contagious.
Solo cheering.
I don't remember who actually won. We left at about the 6th inning. But, I feel a little more confident about a possible outing to Shea. Hey, have any of you taken an almost two year old to a major league game? Let me know!