Monday, July 07, 2008

Happy 4th of July
How Alexa got lost at the Paramus Block Party
(also the longest post known to man)

We had a really nice weekend. The library was closed on Friday, so it was a 3 day weekend (except that I had to work on Sunday, so it was really a 2 day weekend, which is your usual kind of weekend, so never mind.) On Friday, the actual holiday, we tried to catch the the fireworks in Edgewater, but the rain scared us away. Alex declared Saturday, a "lazy day Saturday", which is actually his own personal holiday, so that was pretty uneventful. Sunday proved to be a difficult morning, but we were determined to see some fireworks, so we decided to hit the annual Paramus Block Party.

Although I work in Paramus, and the library has a stand at the block party, I have never actually gone. It takes place in a section of the parking lot of the Garden State Plaza, next to the sports complex. It's really like a mini-carnival, with food vendors and tents set up. They had big inflatable jumping things for the kids, and live music. We invited my parents to go with us, and we loaded up the Rav4 with chairs. When we got there, we were able to set up the chairs on the grass of the sports complex, and then walked around the block party, with Gideon in his stroller.
The block party itself was ok. Typical food; Gideon had his first bite of a gyro. I was determined, however, to find the library booth. I figured that I should show my support, and they were giving out visors with I Love My Library stickers on them. Who wouldn't want that? No one, that who. Anyway, in my search for the booth, I...well...I got kind of lost. Ok, not lost in that I didn't know where I was, but lost in the sense that I had no idea where my family went to. From what I remember, Alex and Gideon were right behind me. But when I turned around, and well...I was lost. I know what you are thinking, "Alexa, you are a grown woman of 33 years of age. You are not 5 years old. " And that is true. That didn't stop me from semi-panicking. You see, there were hundreds of people. And I had Alex wear a white polo shirt, so I could wear a red tshirt, and Gideon could wear his blue polo shirt. So, we could be in patriotic colors. Of course, hundreds of people had the same idea.

Ok, so I am standing there, hoping someone will see me. You know, when you are little, and are lost, they always tell you to just stand in one place. So, that is just what I did. And guess who found me? The director of my library. He is always everywhere. He slides up to me, and says "Hey, guess who I just saw? Your husband, Alex! Did you know he was here?" I rolled my eyes at him, "Yes, of course I know he is here, we rode in the same car. Do you know where he is?" Of course he had no idea. Sigh. After about 20 minutes of standing there, I see my father, hands on his hips, looking at me impatiently from across the parking lot. I walk over sheepishly, "Hey dad, how did you find me?" He attempted to look sternly at me, and said " I bumped into your director. He told me you were standing here. How old are you again?"

However, the highlight of the evening was when we got back to the grass where our chairs were. You see, this gave Gideon freedom from the stroller, and he decided to just take off, with me waddling behind. The place was really crowded, with families sitting on blankets, teenagers hanging out, and kids throwing footballs around (one which almost hit Gideon in the face). However, the Gidster was not interested in any that. He was interested in only one thing: the live band that was playing at the back of the field. You see, music and dancing is what my kid is all about. He did the twist, shook his little body to 'shake, shake, senora', and rolled his little arms to during 'rolling like a river' part of the 'Proud Mary' song.

Of course he got all sweaty:

The true test of the evening, was of course, the fireworks. I had been worrying all week about Gideon's reaction. Last year, we were indoors during the fireworks, so he saw the lights, but did not experience the sound. However, this year, we would be outside, literally right beneath them. Would he get scared? What if he cried? What if we had to pack up our stuff and get out of the park, with a screaming, crying toddler? You may ask me, "Alexa, have you met your son? Has he ever been scared of anything?" Ummm...right. Of course, he loooooved the fireworks. Loved them, loved them. He was mesmerized.

Surprisingly, after about 20 minutes into it, he was bored. Unfazed. Jaded. He was done. Seen them once, seen them a hundred times. The noise had no effect on him whatsoever. He was ready for the next national holiday.


Alex Soto said...

Actually hunnie, if you remember, it was "Super Lazy Saturday" and there was a tune associated with it.

Anonymous said...

alexa, i sure am glad we did not lose you forever. love, annie

Bryna said...

Okay, the patriotic outfits... a bit much. ;) Alex, how did you allow that one! HA!

Nola actually slept through them on the 3rd, didn't like them on the 4th and hugged my neck tight (mind you, they were only fountains in the back yard) and clapped and waived at the ones on the 9th. She is a plethora of reactions!