Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Nicest Thing
So, I don't know how many people know that these past few weeks have been super stressful for Alex and myself (and Gideon). My mom had work to do in Costa Rica, and she has been gone for about 5 weeks now. She is due to return June 14 ( I have it marked on my calendar with a big smiley face). Meanwhile, Alex has been taking care of Gideon full-time, while trying to work full-time. I have adjusted my own schedule, so I can be home a bit more in the mornings to help out with the morning routine. We have debated putting Gideon in daycare part-time, but time and finances have prevented us. I know that I sound like I am whining, and maybe I am, but the bottom line is that I miss my mommy. She was an enormous help to us, watching Gideon 2-3 days a week, and giving us actual breathing time.

So, today was one of those really stressful days, where Gideon refused to eat breakfast; all he wanted was fruit loops and pretzels. How is that breakfast? And he didn't nap, and he might have a cold or allergies, so he was cranky, and Alex had tons of work to do, with super fussy clients, and I was at work, worried the whole day. I had to work until 6pm, and stopped to get milk, so when I got home I was rushing. I was about to run up the stairs (and by running, I mean climbing on all fours, with labored breath), when I saw a big brown box on the porch, addressed to me! It was heavily taped, and insured, and it was MYSTERIOUS. I didn't recognize the return address, and who would send me a package? From Alabama?

Now, I know you all read this blog diligently. You probably have it bookmarked, and have it on your bloglines, and start your computers every day, hoping and waiting, no...anticipating my next post. (kidding) So, of course you remember my post about the NJLA conference and the one thing that I wrote about that I really wanted. Do you remember what it was? If not, click here.

Well, I get upstairs and immediately have to tend to my Gideon, so Alex decides to open the mystery box. And I hear him chuckle, and say, "Oh my goodness hunnie, guess what you got?" He pulls out several packages wrapped in alot of bubble wrap.

The ceramic milk pitcher! A whole family of cow pitchers!

Now who sent me these lovely gifts? Ok, so get this. Alex has a cousin who lives in Alabama, who hasn't seen since Alex was 6 or 7 years old. He has recently started reading our blog, and just decided that he would start keeping in touch via email. However, after reading about my longing for a cow milk pitcher, he decided that I must have it! He sent me a card, that made me tear up, and this is part of what he wrote "I believe that someone who is about to bring such a beautiful gift into the world should have her wishes come true." How fantastic is that? He also sent us pictures of his family, and invited us to his son's high school graduation. I don't know how he would feel about having his family on the Internet, so I am not showing the pictures or mentioning him by name.
I am so touched by this gesture, you don't even know. Yes, I know you know that I love presents. But, it's the reaching out to us, during this totally stressful time, that means so much. Of course, he had no clue how much this would mean, but I really feel that God used him, prodding him gently to show us that even during the stressful times, there is always joy. So, thank you cousin-in-law. We love you. God bless you and your family. I can't wait to meet you guys.


salli said...

Awwwww! What a great story of family and God's blessings!

Bryna said...

Since I don't have your blog as my screen saver, I had to read the past posting. 1. Who has the most adorable pictures? You do! 2. How awesome is your family-in-laws? Awesome! 3. Miss you. :)

Cyndee said...

You, of all people, deserve a mystery box full of ceramic cows... and all kinds of other goodness. Love you! I miss your mommy too!!