Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Sotos go to the NJLA Conference

So, every year, my library very generously allows me to attend a library conference and take my family. We usually stay overnight, and while I rush from workshop to workshop, Alex watches Gideon and hangs out with him. Then I meet them for meals, and usually by 4ish, I am free to play with them. The best thing about it, is that it takes place right on the beach, in Long Branch NJ.

This year, it was kind of chilly, and not really beach weather. However, we got to walk on the beach on the last day. Alex and I were very much interested in taking a particular picture, since last year, we got a great shot of Gideon with Alex, looking at the waves. (below)

So, this year, we were after a similar shot, except with a now (obviously) older Gideon. Here is what we got:

Cute, right? You can tell that it wasn't as sunny out as last year. Can you imagine next year? Yikes. Two kiddos.

Here is one of me and the Gidster.

We were hanging out on the beach, when this cute young couple from Utah, asked us to take their picture to send to their parents. It was their first time on the Jersey Shore. In return, they take this picture of us. What is up with my hand?

Gideon has an obsession with feeling warm air come out of his nose. We hope he outgrows this habit by the time he starts school, or he is going to be in for some school yard trouble.

We always have breakfast at this great place on the boardwalk. This is the milk pitcher, and I want one oh-so-bad.

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Momma-of-5 said...

LOVE the creamer! How cute is THAT!?!? I'm sure there's out there somewhere. Looks like a Dutch thing to me. Love the cute shore shots, too.