Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Shame on me, and a little bit of Costa Rica.

I know, it's shameful. How can a person have a blog that features an adorable baby, and not post constant pictures? I don't have an actual reason. I can't even use the "oh, I just had triplets and am too busy" excuse, because my friend DOES have triplets, and she posts on her blog regularly. And, I don't even have any really recent pictures, because the ones I took, I saved on the internal memory of our camera, and our camera refuses to give them up. So, the ones you will see now are some Costa Rica pictures that I never posted. Oh, and I took them with my mom's camera and the date is all screwed up, but I have actual witnesses that can testify that I was there in September 2007. If you need them to. You would just have to pay their airfare.
Gideon and his Tia Andi.

Gideon and his great-grandmother, Abuela Melida. She is the one that said that if she died before meeting him, she would come to my house and haunt me. So, I really had no choice in the matter.

My cousin Jerry, his adorable daughter Abril, and myself and the Gidster. Jerry wanted me to tell you all that we did not plan on matching. And that we are not twins. Oh, and that he did not break my tea set when we were little. Oh wait, except that he did, and still has not replaced it. Interesting.

Gideon on a plane swing in my aunt's backyard.

The banana tree in the same backyard.

Gideon excited to be on a plane.

A semi-artistic shot of a Gideon profile.
What Gideon was looking at.

Gideon after too much milk. What was in that milk?

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