Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More Pics

Here are some more pictures of Costa Rica. These are actually of one of the open air markets that towns have every weekend. Most people do their weekly food shopping there. The vendors were posing for me, but I just took pictures of the food. Again, taken with my mom's camera. The date is wrong. And I don't know how to take it off. Someone help.

Some clay pots.

Papaya Galore.

Gideon whats-upping one of the vendors. He LOVED them, because they would shout out their wares, and he thought it was hysterical. Also, he is in a stroller that I ended up having to buy in San Jose, because my ginormous Graco stroller did not fit on the narrow sidewalks of San Jose.

Pejivalles. I just googled it to give you a better description, but let's just say it is a fruit/vegetable that gets steamed or baked and it is delicious, and people eat it with mayo.

Round zucchini type thing.
One of the vegetable stands. The bowl is for money.
Exotic Costa Rican delicacy. Oh wait, it's corn.
Called a water apple. Not really an apple, and it doesn't have any water in it. But it is yummy. Maybe it should be called yummy red fruit.
Another stand. With bananas and pumpkin. But it's Costa Rican pumpkin. So, it's more exotic.

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Bryna said...

Just because it comes feom Costa Rica does not mean that it's exotic. Just kidding.

And you can't take the date off after you take the picture. You have to do it in the menu.