Monday, November 05, 2007

Halloween Day

As some of you know, Halloween is a controversial subject in our house. I grew up celebrating it full force. My mom used to stay up until 4am, sewing our costumes. I was a bunch of grapes once. My mom sewed each individual grape, stuffed it, and then put it on this giant purple costume. It was awesome. I always won most original. Now that I think of it, there was only one year that I did not win, and that was the year I was a clown!!!! My classmate who was dressed up like a baby won most original. Maybe that is where my fear and loathing of clowns started. Anyway, Alex prefers to ignore Halloween totally. Where he grew up, Halloween was a scary time. Mischief night(or goosey night, or cabbage night) was actually a time when criminal activity abounded. He breathes a giant sigh of relief when November rolls around. I am usually the one in charge of handing out any candy.

This year though, (this year!) was different. Because now we have a son. A cute son. A cute son who would look even cuter in a costume. But, we had to figure this Halloween thing out. Are we celebrating it? How far do we go? Do we buy him a costume? Do we take him trick or treating? We pretty much have to search our hearts and decide. Alex feels very strongly about not celebrating. I felt very strongly about dressing Gideon up. The rest...well I could live without it.
However, the decision was taken out of our hands. Gideon's cousins, Luis and Izzy, gave him a Mickey Mouse costume for his birthday. I mean, there we go. We couldn't NOT use it. Right? See for yourself:

Gideon lounging at Gymboree

No longer lounging...on the move!

I usually dress up for you think he approves?

He wouldn't wear the hands with the costume, but he wears them solo.


Alex Soto said...

Halloween wasn't ALL bad while I grew up. I remember being a cowboy one year with shiny plastic guns and all. I trick or treated on a highly populated avenue in Jersey City during the daytime. But then there were the yearly traditions I had to face. I had a long way to go to school and back home taking public transportation. And well, let's just say that it was a good year if I all I had to do was run away from an egg-throwing mob of kids. There was no such thing as goosey night, it was more like goosey weeks. Plus, as I got older I just grew to not care about it or what it stood for. That's just my opinion.

Jane said...

Out here some of the churches do this cool trick or treat thing called "Trunk or Treat" where families park their cars in a special roped off area of the church parking lot. The church members decorate their cars and open the trunks filled with candy (not the whole trunk) and the kids "Trunk or treat" around the parking lot. Seems like a great idea.

I think a lot of parents are rethinking Halloween.

Amy-Mama of 5 said...

We have the same issue here in the Higby house. Shane NEVER did Halloween, but I did! We weren't ever allowed to be anything controversial (not even a punk rocker). I think my parents agreed to it so they'd get the candy!

Bryna said...

Go with the Halloween tradition all the way! (but then again, I'm a HUGE fan of halloween)