Monday, November 26, 2007


In the privacy of our homes, we all tend to do things that are not socially acceptable in public. For example, trimming one's toenails in a NYC subway train during rush hour is probably contrary to all that is civilized and will quickly garner menacing stares and glares from those around you. However, at home, it is perfectly acceptable and fully expected for a person to do this in order to be a functioning member of society.

This is also true with sneezing. For the loud, energetic sneezers of the world, we try to quell the act of sneezing as to not offend or startle innocent bystanders. But at home we let it all out expecting a "God bless you" or "Gosh, why do you have to sneeze so freakishly loud all the time!" (I've learned to contain my sneezes in the presence of my better half).

Sometime a few weeks ago, when I was on daddy duty for the entire day, I was compelled to sneeze with great intensity. I completely forgot that Gideon was in the play pen, so I let it all out. I then remembered I was in the room with another person (Gideon) when I hear "bleshu." In pure amazement, I told him, "Thank you," as I ran to the phone to tell Alexa what Gideon just said (God bless you) in his own, optimally cute way.

But I was stopped in my tracks when I heard him say "Gacias." Basically, he translated my "Thank you" into "Gacias" or "Gracias" (Gracias means Thank You in Spanish). I was struck with emotion and unbelief. Here, my son, who just a few months ago learned how to crawl and sip juice by himself from a sippy cup is responding to my crazy actions using language.

Topping it all off, last week, Gideon began walking by himself. He is not an expert yet, but he's getting there. I'll let Alexa tell you the story of when we first witnessed him walking across a room. For now, enjoy the brief movie below.

I must apologize for my "man voice". I hate the way I sound in videos.-Alexa

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Alexa said...

To back up my husband, Gideon has also "Bleshu-d" me when I have sneezed in front of him. Of course, my sneezes are nice normal ones, unlike Alex who propels himself off the floor when he sneezes.