Thursday, November 29, 2007

Portrait of A One Year Old - Part 2

Ok, Amy-Mama of 5 pointed out that the poll was limited to six choices, when there were seven portraits to choose from. My bad. Unlike Florida, there will be no hanging chads in this election.

Apparently, the poll functionality doesn't allow for a seventh choice. To resolve the issue of having more photos than choices, I had to make a very difficult decision. I cut one of the portraits out. Now, won't you all be part of the democratic process and vote for one of the six Gideons to the right. And remember, a vote for Gideon is a vote for cuteness!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Portrait of a One Year Old

Alexa and I are having a tough time choosing from one of the seven portraits on the right hand side of the page. Please scroll down, view the photos and help us select the portrait that best reflects Gideon's cuteness and personality. The poll, which is also on the right, ends on December 5th. Thanks.

Monday, November 26, 2007


In the privacy of our homes, we all tend to do things that are not socially acceptable in public. For example, trimming one's toenails in a NYC subway train during rush hour is probably contrary to all that is civilized and will quickly garner menacing stares and glares from those around you. However, at home, it is perfectly acceptable and fully expected for a person to do this in order to be a functioning member of society.

This is also true with sneezing. For the loud, energetic sneezers of the world, we try to quell the act of sneezing as to not offend or startle innocent bystanders. But at home we let it all out expecting a "God bless you" or "Gosh, why do you have to sneeze so freakishly loud all the time!" (I've learned to contain my sneezes in the presence of my better half).

Sometime a few weeks ago, when I was on daddy duty for the entire day, I was compelled to sneeze with great intensity. I completely forgot that Gideon was in the play pen, so I let it all out. I then remembered I was in the room with another person (Gideon) when I hear "bleshu." In pure amazement, I told him, "Thank you," as I ran to the phone to tell Alexa what Gideon just said (God bless you) in his own, optimally cute way.

But I was stopped in my tracks when I heard him say "Gacias." Basically, he translated my "Thank you" into "Gacias" or "Gracias" (Gracias means Thank You in Spanish). I was struck with emotion and unbelief. Here, my son, who just a few months ago learned how to crawl and sip juice by himself from a sippy cup is responding to my crazy actions using language.

Topping it all off, last week, Gideon began walking by himself. He is not an expert yet, but he's getting there. I'll let Alexa tell you the story of when we first witnessed him walking across a room. For now, enjoy the brief movie below.

I must apologize for my "man voice". I hate the way I sound in videos.-Alexa

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Turkey centerpiece made by Izzy
Thanksgiving Day Recap
(or as it will be known to future generations)
"The Alexa Soto Humiliation Day"

Ok, so you can guess from the title of this post that the preparations for Thanksgiving did not turn out exactly as expected. Before I begin this tale of woe, let me reassure you by letting you know that the actual dinner was a success, with everyone having a very nice Thanksgiving, and the food was very yummy. Ok, let me take a big breath, and continue. Please comment when you are done reading, since the telling of this story will send me further into a deeply embarrassed state from which I may never recover.
Ok, so I was hosting my first Thanksgiving. I had proposed this to my in laws, since Alex and I have to travel to 2 dinners every year, and eat full meals at each one, lest we offend one of the moms. Also, this year, since we have the Gidster, it makes travel and such a bit harder. Ok, so we got the green light, and everyone offered to bring side dishes. All I had to do was cook the turkey, the stuffing, get the pre-dinner munchies ready, and one dessert. Easy, right? So, I start the prep on Wednesday night. I get alot of done, and I am feeling pretty good. I have got this Thanksgiving thing in the bag. Stuffing is all set to go, turkey is prepped, spinach dip done, and pecan crust for the pumpkin cheesecake is chilling.
The next day, I wake up early, stuff the bird, put him in the oven, and start getting the house in order. No problem. And of course, I am going to shower later in the day, so I am nice and clean when the guests come over. At the time, however, I am wearing a gross, stained pajama top (thanksgiving prep stains), Alex's camouflage cargo shorts (which don't fit me, so I am wearing the waist all rolled up, and half way down my butt. But, the pajama top is covering that) and my blue fuzzy slippers. Why do you need to know what I am wearing?
This is why: I go check on the turkey, open the oven door, and dark EVIL smoke starts pouring out. The turkey is not burnt, but there is liquid spewing onto the bottom of the oven, and soon the kitchen is completely covered in smoke. And then, the centralized smoke alarm goes off. This is the smoke alarm that is hooked up to all four apartments. At this point, I am not freaking out yet. I figure I can get the burnt stuff cleaned off. I try pulling the turkey (did I mention it was 28 lbs?) out of the oven, and more liquid hits the bottom, thus more smoke. I finally lug the bird out, and shut off the oven. (What I didn't know at the time was that there was a hole at the bottom of the aluminum pan I bought. Umm..thank you Shop Rite.) The entire apartment is engulfed in smoke, and the fire alarm is screaming. The doorbell rings. It is the POLICE. They ask Alex(and Gideon) to come downstairs. Alex then calls for me to come also. I yell down the stairs, that I simply cannot, (CANNOT) go downstairs in my current state of dress. Then Alex tells me that I HAVE TO come downstairs. They are EVACUATING the apartment. (i am sorry for all the caps, it is simply a caps kind of story) I go downstairs, and there are police cars, and fire engines downstairs. With police officers and firefighters IN THEM.
I have to escort them through the apartment (in my fuzzy slippers), and show them that I have not set anything on fire. That it is simply a little bit of smoke, firefighter. I am not running a meth lab, officer. Yes, I do know how to cook a turkey, you funny firefighter guy. I realize that the smoke is not an indication that the turkey is done; oh, you are so so funny. One thing that did strike me as funny, was the fact that the ARMED police officer asked me to put the cat away. Because Miggy hissed at him. Ok, so I am sure you deal with mean and scary criminals all the time, yet the cat made you reach for your weapon? That is the power our cat has.
After the tour, I had to go back downstairs, and face all the neighbors, who have congregated on our street to watch the show. Don't you have dinners to make, people? My landlords have rushed over, assuming that their building is on fire. Meanwhile, I am standing on the porch, using one hand to hold my shorts up, the other to gesture with when I talk. Gideon, meanwhile, is sitting with Alex, wrapped in a blanket, waving excitedly at the fire trucks.
I do have to say, that the firefighters and police arrived in record time, and if we had an actual emergency, I would have been thrilled to see them, rather than mortified. So, I do thank them for coming. They had no idea that they were running to the rescue of a turkey, rather than a family. So, thank you Rochelle Park Fire Department, and Police Department. I hope you guys had a nice Thanksgiving, and if you ever want to see what I look like all nice and clean and showered, for goodness sake, please honk as you drive by, and I will wave from the window.
So, here are some pictures of my Thanksgiving. We don't have any shots of the police activity, since we were too frazzled to grab the camera, and plus, we didn't know where it was.
Behold the turkey. Ignore the date on the picture.
My mom's camera doesn't know what year it's in.
The sage-sausage apple cranberry stuffing.
It tasted alot better than it looks.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Gideon Takes Part in the Electoral Process

Last night, the Soto family went down to their local school gymnasium to take part in the democratic system. Forgive the blurry pictures, it's just that voting is so much fun! Gideon enjoyed himself. He blew kisses to the nice ladies working at the polls. He is such a flirt.

Gideon is clapping, he is so excited.

The whole family in front of the VOTING CURTAIN.

Father and Son...rocking the vote

Monday, November 05, 2007

Halloween Day

As some of you know, Halloween is a controversial subject in our house. I grew up celebrating it full force. My mom used to stay up until 4am, sewing our costumes. I was a bunch of grapes once. My mom sewed each individual grape, stuffed it, and then put it on this giant purple costume. It was awesome. I always won most original. Now that I think of it, there was only one year that I did not win, and that was the year I was a clown!!!! My classmate who was dressed up like a baby won most original. Maybe that is where my fear and loathing of clowns started. Anyway, Alex prefers to ignore Halloween totally. Where he grew up, Halloween was a scary time. Mischief night(or goosey night, or cabbage night) was actually a time when criminal activity abounded. He breathes a giant sigh of relief when November rolls around. I am usually the one in charge of handing out any candy.

This year though, (this year!) was different. Because now we have a son. A cute son. A cute son who would look even cuter in a costume. But, we had to figure this Halloween thing out. Are we celebrating it? How far do we go? Do we buy him a costume? Do we take him trick or treating? We pretty much have to search our hearts and decide. Alex feels very strongly about not celebrating. I felt very strongly about dressing Gideon up. The rest...well I could live without it.
However, the decision was taken out of our hands. Gideon's cousins, Luis and Izzy, gave him a Mickey Mouse costume for his birthday. I mean, there we go. We couldn't NOT use it. Right? See for yourself:

Gideon lounging at Gymboree

No longer lounging...on the move!

I usually dress up for you think he approves?

He wouldn't wear the hands with the costume, but he wears them solo.