Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Security Blanket

Alexa and Gideon entered the living room to watch parts of The Great Pumpkin, a Peanuts cartoon (which is also an annual Alexa tradition). I was inspired to write this post after watching Linus (Lucy’s little bro) hold on tightly to his infamous “security blanket.” Gideon too has one of those. But it comes in the form of a Mickey Mouse plush toy.

Try to take Mickey away from Gideon and you’ll soon encounter his Kung Fu grip. Seconds later, he’ll extend his arm out to you as if handing Mickey over. It’s like he’s saying, “Oh, did you want to temporarily hold on to Mickey? Well, here you go.” But beware, as you reach out for the plush toy, he’ll either pull it away quickly or hold on to it for dear life. Here are pics of Gideon and his “security blanket.”


Bryna said...

After watching the Great Pumpkin again as an adult, I realized how mean the cartoon really is. Lucy is a b*tch and even the adults are aganst poor Charlie. No candy while trick or treating? C'mon. Rocks. Really?

That Shultz guy was a real downer...

Jane said...

As someone who is still hopelessly devoted to her woobie (from college), I think Gideon is pretty smart. Micky is socially acceptable, small, lightweight, easy to pack. The list goes on and on... rock on my little friend and never let go!