Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Going Back ... Not Yet!

To fill every waking minute with some sort of activity that propels you past the guy in the next cubicle, who is also staring at a computer screen all day long to make a living (with the hopes of getting that promotion that will lead to more work and less time with family) - this seems to be the mission statement of men today. Albeit, not consciously at times.

One of the reasons why I left the corporate world and haven’t returned was to experience life and all its fullness, specifically as a daddy. So I have worked from home in multiple roles (from Marketing Director for a small Software Company, to Web Strategy Something to Executive Resume Writer and Consultant) for almost 2 whole years, and yet, the struggle of getting ahead in a career that seems stagnated by the lack of workplace camaraderie and healthy competition, has me thinking that maybe working for someone else isn’t such a bad thing - especially if they provide their employees with free gym membership.

What would I miss out on if I return back to the full-time workforce?

Diaper Duty.

A while back there was an episode on America’s Funniest Home Videos that portrays (with the utmost accuracy) how most daddies in America feel about changing diapers. Look, here it is.

You may be wondering. Does Alex feel the same way about changing Gideon’s diaper? While I don’t run and push Alexa out of the way to get to Gideon’s poopied diaper before she does, I really don’t feel like throwing up when doing it either. The smell is bad, but not that bad. Changing Gideon’s diapers gives me the opportunity to bond with my son, in a smelly kind of way.

Baby Talk.

I am waiting for the day that Gideon speaks out his first sentence. Dada is still his favorite. And now he makes a lot of sounds with “Ga.” So will his first sentence be, “Mommy, you are so pretty” as she gets ready to go to work. Or, will it be, “Daddy, you are so pretty” when I have the guys over to watch a football game (embarassing to say the least). Or perhaps he’ll say, “No, I don’t want anymore” whatever he is eating. But what about if he says, “I love you.”?

I am not even sure if I’ll be able to pinpoint the single moment that Gideon verbalizes a grammatically-correct sentence for the first time. Maybe I won’t even notice as I try to chase him away from a corner in the room that is not so “baby-proof.” But one thing is for sure; I want to be there right next to Gideon whenever I realize that he has just spoken a sentence for the first time.


Gideon can stand for about 20 seconds. He walks upright with a toy mail carrier in the house. He crawls at a speed that seems to be too fast to stop him from putting things in his mouth. He’s not walking by himself yet. When Alexa went to Costa Rica, my main concern was that he was going to walk over there and that all these family members would see him do it before I did. I would have been happy to get the call, but it would have also broken my heart.

For, the less time I spend with my son, the chances of missing the opportunity to see him walk, talk and yes, potty train for the first time would be maximized.

So I’ll remain a stay-at-home dad a bit longer.

P.S. It took us a little over year, but we have reached a milestone with this post. This is our 100th post! Yipee!


Alexa said...

100 posts? How did we ever find the time? And if Gideon says "daddy is so pretty", before he says the word mom, we are going to have some issues.

Jane said...

Happy 100 La Famillia Soto!

Can't believe that the next time I see Gideon he will be 2! Good thing you keep this blog going! Makes it easier to be far away from all the friends!