Thursday, October 04, 2007

Give Me Back My Maraca

Gideon in the tunnel.

As I walked up the stairs with Gideon in my arms I heard the sound of laughter, yelling and aimless pitter-pattering of little feet. We had arrived at the Gymboree and Gideon was eager to play. He crawled towards the center of the room as if he owned the place. Little did he know that there was already a sheriff in town.

I don't know the kids name, but suffice it to say that later on in the day this little boy used Gideon as leverage to stand up. But Gideon took in stride, looked at the kid...turned to me as if to say, "ummm... what was all that about?" Within seconds Gideon was rearing to shake his toy maracas.

Then he shook them with reckless abandon.

Minutes later the same boy stepped out of a tube and once again...used Gideon as a platform. But this time, he poked Gideon in the eye a little (perhaps by mistake). The boy looked at Gideon and walked away boldly to his mommy. Gideon just stared... with a slight look of shock on his face. Again, Gideon took in stride, crawled to his next destination, which was me.

Gideon kneeling near the tube ... with his Maraca

He then ventured back out to the center of the room... aiming for the tube. There was Gideon's nemesis… the boy who used him as a crutch. Gideon reaches up to the boy's hands that was hanging outside of the tube and snatched a maraca away from him. The boy got out of the tube without being aided by Gideon's head and walked away.

After some activities, it was time for the parachute. According to Alexa, Gideon cried during this part on their free visit last week. He didn't cry this time though. By this point, all the moms were asked to put the toys in the container, as they would distract the babies from the activities. Somehow, a maraca was left over and Gideon found it. As he was playing with it, a cute little girl crawled up to Gideon and tried taking the maraca away from him.

He was about to give in, until Alexa reached out for the maraca to take it away from Gideon. Gideon pulled it away from Alexa's hands and hit the girl in the head with the maraca (by mistake of course).

A 3 second pause.

The little girl started crying and raced back to her mommy. The teacher made it clear that it was an accident and the girl's mom agreed.

And that was Gideon’s first day at the Gymboree.

All smiles


Another tube picture

Gideon on what looks like a stairmaster.

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Alexa said...

Ok, to be clear: Gideon hit the little girl in the FACE with the maraca. And technically, I guess, it was my fault. I shouldn't have tried taking the toy away without waiting to see what he would do when the little girl tried to take it. Of course, her action could have had much dyer consequences.