Sunday, October 21, 2007

Birthdays and Babies
I have been super busy at work lately. One of my co-workers recently went on maternity leave, and I have been happily, but busily doing some extra work. She had her baby a week and a half ago, and is currently in new baby bliss. Congratulations Annie! Here is a picture of her new treasure:

Baby Oren. Sigh.

Also in the same week of Oren's birth was Gideon's first birthday party. I wish I had a more detailed post, but instead I will post some photos. And, since a picture is worth a thousand words, then this post has thousands of words in it. Wow, am I tired from typing so much.

Gideon and his friend Caleb, both sporting the Mickey ears.

Some Party Guests, drawing some pictures, thinking some deep thoughts.

The Gidster's first cousins

The cutest brother and sister team ever. I heart Zoe.

It smells like too much fun in here!

The birthday boy. Tired of the ears, tired of the chair.

A rousing game of musical chairs and the Mickey Mouse version of "hot potato". Enjoyed by all.

Gideon wants a whack at the homemade piƱata, (thank you, mom). And then...the candy. Notice the gray pair of legs.

Oh the presents! Wearing the headpiece to the mickey costume.

Those streamers sure are pretty to look at, but not so good in the mouth.


Amy-Mama of 5 said...

Okay...those pictures are HYSTERICAL! Do you scrapbook? Because the scrapbooker in me is screaming "fun pages! fun pages!" If you should come over and "crop" with Shannon, me, Salli & Aura sometime. If you don't...wanna join my cult? =)

annie said...

how exciting! thanks for the shout out. the party looks like it was fun!!!