Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Slight Delay
So, we were at my mom's, picking up the luggage and getting ready to go to the airport. Alex was loading up the car, and was down to the last piece, a small carry-on, when all of sudden my mom comes running in yelling: "Alex fell! Alex fell!"(in spanish). Sure enough, my husband had simply stepped on a raised sidewalk, and turned his ankle. He thought it was nothing, but when he went to step on it, the pain shot through to his brain (he says). He fell, and was sure he was going to pass out. When I ran out to see what happened, I selfishly thought: "there goes the flight". But then, the good wife part of me ran to get him an ice pack. We ended up taking him to the hospital, and consequentially, rescheduling the flight.

Alex's foot with an ice pack tied on by my mother. See the pretty bow?

Alex has a sprained ankle. He is on crutches, and has an ankle brace. He still has to work, so he is working on his laptop from the bedroom. I considered going in to work, but he is pretty immobile today, so I kind of have to be at his beck and call. Fun, fun, fun. Luckily, he is pretty immersed in his work, so I just need to bring him the occasional ginger ale, and breakfast, lunch, and Twizzlers.

Alex in his new "workstation".

We will be leaving on Saturday, which according to his discharge papers, is when he should be starting to walk a bit. My MIL will come and take charge and a family friend is taking us to the airport. (Thanks, Frankie)

As I write this, Gideon is in his crib and he has learned to take off the crib sheet. He is sitting on the bare mattress, with the sheet a mess in one corner. He likes the feel of the mattress on his feet.


Amy-Mama of 5 said...

I'm so sorry.
Ummm, Alexa? Did you read the blog from the other day? Are you sure this isn't just a ploy to keep you & the Gidster around a few more days? Alex DID sound pretty desperate...
Side note: I lauged out loud when I read the note about Gideon and his crib sheet!

Alex Soto said...

Not a fan of rolling around on a concrete surface on a busy street without shame with excrutiating pain emanating from my right ankle, all while yelling "Hunnie! Alexa!" So this wasn't planned. But I do like having them around a few more days. =) The white manna diet will have to wait until my ankle is 100%. That is of course unless white manna burgers await me at the Highby Gang's house.

salli said...

Poor Alex! That really stinks! Hope you're up and walking around soon.