Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Reporting from Costa Rica: Part Three

September 15 was Costa Rica Independance Day, a day to celebrate Central America's independance from Spain. The ticos take their freedom very seriously. There are many parades, and school children take a major part. They play instruments and do carnival-type dances in the streets. We were at my grandmother's house in Puntarenas when the festivities were going on. One of the many country-wide celebrations was the gathering of children with "faroles", which is like a paper lantern. They have a parade at night, with these lanterns lit with a candle, and then they have a contest to see who has the best homemade farol. My father took Gideon, my cousin's son Nando (short for Fernando), and yours truly to experience the fun. Most of the kids buy their farol, since I noticed many Dora the Explorer faroles, and Spongebob faroles. Nando prefers a Spider-Man farol. We bought the Gidster a traditional oxcart version.

Gideon seemed to have a good time, but there were several times that he looked super bored. Behold:

We are leaving to go back to Puntarenas today again. This will be an emotional time, since I will be say good-bye to my grandmother. I am really hoping and praying that I will be able to afford to come back every year. When I was younger, we used to come annually, and I would love for Gideon to experience the same.

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Leticia said...

Next time it would be great for Alex to also have that experience with you and Gideon. His daddy is so sad without his son.