Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Missing Them

It's been nearly a week since I sprained my ankle. I have survived on Chef Boyardees, Corn Pops and bagels. Perhaps not the diet of champions, but when you're getting around on crutches, preparing a steak dinner with steamed broccoli is probably not the best idea... not with my cooking skills anyway.

If you don't know the story already, I sprained my ankle while carrying the very last piece of luggage, which happened to be the lightest, to the car. I was going to be Gideon and company's chauffeur to the airport (To learn more about the events of that day, look at the blog post below).

I miss my wife and son... alot!

Alexa and Gideon are living it up in Costa Rica! Actually, they aren't. I know, I know... when you combine sunny Costa Rica with Alexa and Gideon Soto ... all one could think about is... fun! It's natural. I know. We're a funny bunch ... the Soto clan that is.

Well, I'm sure that there are enjoyable moments, but her grandma is very sick. It was determined a few months ago that Alexa should go to Costa Rica because she hasn't gone in a long time ... I think over 5 years. And, with aging grandparents, I felt she should make her way over there just in case. When it came time for her to actually go, it happened to be that her grandma became ill. So, fun in the sun probably doesn't paint the actual picture of what Alexa and Gideon are facing in CR. There are mosquitos, humidity, suddent torrents of rain and denge....don't forget the denge!

I'm sure it's not all that bad, though.

Wow... I really do miss them.

It's too quiet. No screaming, laughing baby. No screaming, laughing wife. Miggy seems irritated lately like an old man so he's not too much fun. I mean, I can hear the sounds of birds with my windows closed.. I think I hear a hawk ... wait ... or is that sound of boredom?

Brief Reflection of 9/11

You know, on that day Alexa and I were together. I was taking her to work. We were just dating, but I had taken the day off ...I believe it was for an interview. But, I cancelled the interview about a week before. The interview might have been in the city but I'm not sure...can't remember. Anyway, I decided to pick her up from her mom's and drive her to work... anything to spend some time together. I remembered how she made me feel safe and comforted, in the midst of the anger and sadness I felt that day.


Amy-Mama of 5 said...

What's denge?

Jane said...

Hang in there Alex!